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Diving into the World of the Cuban Mop: How To Use The Cuban Mop

Written by: Hendrik

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A Remarkable Eco-Friendly Tool

When maintaining a clean home, the right tools are not just beneficial—they’re crucial. One such tool that’s surprisingly under the radar is the Cuban mop.

A marvel in its simplicity, the Cuban mop is cost-effective, user-friendly, and easy to clean to keep your living space spick and span.

A further blessing is the eco-friendly nature of this mop. Let’s delve into the origins of the Cuban mop, the advantages it provides, and the optimal ways on how to use the Cuban mop.

how to use the cuban mop

The Cuban Mop – Pinnacle of Minimalist Design

Revolutionary in its simplicity, the Cuban mop has widespread usage in places like the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, and, of course, its namesake, Cuba. Fundamentally, this mop is just two poles which, when assembled, form an inverted ‘T’ shape. The entire contraption is often made of wood, making it as eco-friendly as cleaning tools come.

But the ingenuity of the Cuban mop lies in its head – or, rather, its lack of one. The mop head of the Cuban mop is just a towel or any other piece of cloth you have lying around. This mop can function both dry and wet, making it a versatile companion for your cleaning efforts.

The Benefits of using a Cuban mop

The Cuban mop is incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver.

A unique and highly convenient feature is the ability to use just about any towel or rag as a mop head. This eliminates the stress of wondering if you have the appropriate mop pad or cleaning solution at hand. Additionally, the absence of mechanical parts provides freedom from potential breakdowns.

The design of this mop is pleasing to the eye, and it stands as a champion of eco-friendliness among its counterparts. Clearly, there are abundant advantages to utilizing a simple wooden mop like this.

Alternatively, you could opt for the Quick Loop Mop. Its design is strikingly similar, yet it offers a more sophisticated method for wrapping your preferred mopping fabric around the mop head.

quick loop cuban mop

Gathering Your Cleaning Arsenal

The backbone of the Cuban mop setup is, of course, the mop itself. While it can be a bit of a hunt to find one, the payoff is well worth it.

Another option is to make one yourself; if you are a little handy with drill and saw, it is a reasonably straightforward tool you can build very inexpensively.

Embracing the philosophy of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” we endorse using any old absorbent cloth, cotton rag or hand towel that’s no longer in its prime condition. This not only prevents unnecessary waste but also cuts down on costs.

Lastly, the cleaning product is essential—the right one can seamlessly handle grime, pet hair and dirt while leaving your floor spotless and fresh. Natural soaps created explicitly for cleaning floors are usually good choices.

We use:

Etee’s Cleaning Solution

Immerse your home in freshness with our Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, specially engineered for eco-conscious homeowners. Formulated with lab-tested chemistry, this all-purpose cleaner efficiently rids your space of dirt and grime, enhancing your cleaning routine, and leaving a refreshing citrus scent. Its expert formulation is potent against dirt on various surfaces—countertops, furniture, walls, and appliances—with results comparable to leading cleaners.
Its unique selling point lies in its probiotic property, providing a deep cleanse while contributing to a healthier home environment. This multi-purpose cleaner also comes in a plastic-free packaging, emphasizing our commitment to our planet. You can enjoy a cleaner home without contributing to plastic waste.






Plant Based Ingredients

Citrus Scent


Septic-safe, biodegradable

Made without palm oil

Price: USD 21 for 3 pods, each making 400ml All Purpose Cleaner

Home Farm All-Purpose Cleaner

The all-purpose spray is an excellent addition to your cleaning solutions at home. This cleaning spray is made of all-natural ingredients and is designed to clean various household surfaces such as counters, floors, wood, and tiles. The cleaning solution is safe and non-toxic, thus suitable to use around babies and pets. The product has a fresh scent and is capable of removing stuck-on dirt and bacteria.

the home farm home farm all purpose spray



Fresh Scent

Reusable Bottle with metal cap


Price: USD 30 for a 16 oz

Detailed Guide: Putting the Cuban Mop to Work

Once you have your mop, mop cloths together with your bucket of hot water, and cleaning product, it’s time to get mopping. Here’s how:

Step 1: Start by wetting your cloth with the cleaning solution. Ensure any excess liquid is squeezed out the wet cloth or rag before laying it out on the floor. A dry cloth or rag can also be used with the Cuban mop, particularly effective for dusting floors or light cleaning.

Step 2: Placement of the cleaning cloth all around the bottom corners the mop head is key. Follow these quick steps:

  • Position the mop head smack-dab in the middle of the mop.
  • Fold the one side corner over the mop head.
  • Repeat this action on the other side of the second side.
  • Draw the top corners toward yourself.
  • Lift the mop up slightly and move it toward the floor in your direction to catch the loose ends.

Step 3: Push the mop along your floor, ensuring it always remains in contact with the surface. You can switch sides once one side becomes soiled. When both sides are dirty, it’s time to wash, simply remove them, rinse, re wet and reapply the cloth with new detergent solution.

The cleanup process is as simple as a wet towel, removing the cloth and tossing it into the washing machine—a seamless and eco-friendly solution.

How to store the Cuban mop

After completing your floor cleaning, make sure to store your Cuban mop upside down. This action will allow it to air-dry fully, preventing any mold or fungi development. Remember, it’s a natural product. Giving it sufficient drying time will prolong its lifespan, ensuring maximum utilization of your Cuban mop.

When it comes to the end of life for your Cuban mop, you can either throw it in your fireplace or add it to your compost in the garden.

Embracing the Cuban mop reflects not only a commitment to economical cleaning but also a dedication to sustainable living. With its minimalist design and maximum efficiency, this mop elevates domestic chores by providing an effective, eco-friendly method to cleanse your home.

As we continue to adapt to a changing world, the Cuban mop stands as a testament to the tradition and widespread use of simplistic, sustainable solutions. With this guide to cuban mops, we hope to have highlighted the benefits of this near-perfect cleaning tool and offered valuable insights into optimizing its use.

Eco-Friendly Aspects of Using a Cuban Mop

Reducing Waste with Reusable Cloths

The innate beauty of using a Cuban mop lies in its simple yet ingenious design and its admirable contribution to sustainable living. Rather than discarding single-use mop heads associated with other cleaning apparatus, the Cuban mop encourages the use of reusable cleaning cloths.

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Conserving Water with Mindful Cleaning

In addition to reducing textile waste, using a Cuban mop also lends itself well to conserving water – something that cannot be overstated given our ever-growing awareness of environmental conservation.

Given that you manually wet your towel and wring out any liquid before adorning your mop with it, you have perfect control over the amount of water used during each cleaning session.

This stands in stark contrast to many traditional mops that require buckets brimming full of hot water just for one cleaning session. With a Cuban mop at hand (or should we say ‘under foot’), dampen your towel under a running tap until soaked through, then wring out any liquid before folding it around the top part of your T-mop.

Once this preparation stage is complete, all you need do is push the whole mop along the floor of your floors using gentle pressure and let its surprisingly absorbent nature do all the work.

This way, no drop goes wasted – making this humble household implement not only efficient at keeping your often-wood floors sparkling clean but also conscientious about natural resource consumption!

A Simple Alternative to Swiffer

Bravo! You’ve entered a realm where no sponge mop is required, and other Swiffer-like tasks have become an amusing memory of the past.

Moreover, you don’t require any microfiber cloth. While they can be great for absorbing dust bunnies, they are also made from synthetic material, making them unrecyclable, and I have a concern that they are shedding microfiber dust into the air, which we then inhale. Not the best in my opinion.

This simple alternative is not only cost-effective and eco-friendly, but it also connects you with a rich cultural tradition that spans generations.

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