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About Hendrik Kaiser

Hendrik Kaiser

Hendrik Kaiser is an Entrepreneur, Influencer and Founder of ZeroWasteMan. He has helped numerous people become healthier and live more in harmony with their bodies by adopting a zero-waste lifestyle.

A little bit about me.

Growing up in industrial parts of Germany I always longed for a more harmonious lifestyle with nature. I moved to Australia at age 21 to live on a permaculture farm and learn about growing my own food and killing my own stock for meat.

In the small town near Byron Bay people valued creating little to no waste and preserving the beautiful landscape.

I adopted a zero waste lifestyle without even knowing it.

When I returned to ‘civilization’ as we know it, I could not stop and oversee the plastic problem, so I started to educate myself. Taking online courses and doing research helped me to pin down what turned out to be more than a problem but a crisis.

Offering solutions to keep your life as convenient as possible without a significant environmental impact on the planet. Yes, it is totally doable, and I will show you how. When I first started researching this, I felt overwhelmed by the size of this problem. Later I realized we could actually do something. New To Zero Waste? Start Here!

Along my journey, I created this blog to show people that a normal guy, who used to work in construction can make a difference. I didn’t want to lose my silliness, so I also started a YouTube channel since I felt that the written word didn’t deliver as well as the spoken and visual way.

See you on the inside. Hendrik Kaiser

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