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13 Ethical Underwear Brands For The Eco-Conscious Men

Transitioning into a Zerowasteman is more complex than I initially anticipated. Creating a capsule wardrobe and comprehending the contrasts between fast and slow fashion all contribute to a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle.

Plastic packaging seems to be the most challenging part to eliminate from our life.

But then there are the essentials like new underwear and socks that need to be replaced occasionally.

Given my sensitive skin, I opt for ethical underwear for men. Moreover, I don’t want my purchases to add to the escalating issue of microfiber pollution in our oceans.

Instead of resorting to washing your clothes in a guppyfriend bag, investing in durable, comfortable fair trade boxer briefs seems a superior option. They won’t shed microplastic fibers during the washing process, making this a more eco-friendly choice.

My last pair of underwear was made from bamboo Boody, which I thought was eco-friendly, but it turns out this is a bit more complicated than I thought. They are still on this list since they make ethical underwear for men and women, but as with most companies none of them are perfect as that doesn’t really work in our society.

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But, if you have landed on this page to find the best eco-friendly and sustainable underwear for men, you have come to the right place.

If not hours, I have spent days finding ethical underwear for men, only to put it all into this list of 13 eco-friendly underwear brands for men who don’t break the bank.

Because let’s face it, only your partner is going to see them anyway.

So let’s dive into your pants.

Here is a list of the best ethical underwear for men.

1. Pact

men undies

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If you’re looking for ethical men’s underwear, Pact’s range of high-quality boxer shorts is a must-have. They offer a variety of designs to choose from. Additionally, Pact’s website also features a wide selection of fashionable and ethical clothing options.

Fabrics: 95% organic cotton 5% elastane

How much: Start from USD 12 with deals when you buy a pack

Size: XS – XXL

Where: Boulder Colorado

2. Boody

13 Ethical Underwear Brands For The Eco-Conscious Men 17

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Why: Helping to fight malaria in Africa with sustainable materials, vegan brand

Fabrics: 80% viscose made from organically-grown bamboo, 13% nylon, 7% elastane

Size: XS-XL

How much: from USD 15.95

Where: Sydney, Australia has stores worldwide

3. Wama

wama underwear
13 Ethical Underwear Brands For The Eco-Conscious Men 18

Why: Hemp fabric is naturally anti-bacterial with anti-odor properties. Wama is super comfortable underwear, breathable, and gets softer with every wash. Hemp is the perfect fabric for your organic wama underwear with the highest standards.

Fabric: Hemp is also organic, eco-friendly, and can help save the planet.

Size: S-3XL

How much: from USD 24 / Special packs available to save

Where: USA, ships internationally

Why: Nothing compares to the comfort, breathability, and softness of Cariloha’s viscose-from-bamboo underwear.
The natural softness of bamboo fibers mixed with the flexibility of spandex is an ideal combination for perfectly fitting boxer briefs.

Fabric: 95% Viscose from Bamboo / 5% Spandex

Size: S-XL

How much: from USD 22

Where: Salt Lake City, ships worldwide

Why: Co-Created Underwear – It’s like democracy but without politics. Sustainable practices are used to create these fun prints.

Fabric: 95% Viscose from organic Bamboo / 5% Spandex.

Size: S – XXL

How Much: from USD 7.50

Where: Zurich, Switzerland, ships to 120 countries worldwide

6. Toad & Co

Opok Underwear
Img: Toad & Co

Why: Toad and Co is a proud member of 1% of the planet. They use only the best eco materials, like hemp, organic cotton, Tencel, and recycled fibers. What I love most is that the packaging is reusable. Meaning you can mail it back to them via limeloop and they will use it again and again.

Fabric: A plant-based fiber with out-of-this-world capabilities. It’s moisture-wicking, durable, low-maintenance, and naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria. And it’s soft. Like, REALLY soft.

They come in 6 different colors and are available in trunk, boxer, and boxer brief.

Size: S – XXL

How much: USD 28.99

Where: California

7. Allbirds

allbirds underwear
Img: Allbirds

Why: You may have heard about the high quality shoes that Allbirds is known for but did you know that they make boxer briefs too? Allbirds is a certified B Corp company, and well invested in offsetting their carbon footprint.

Fabric: Trunks are made of 65%  TENCEL™ Lyocell, 28% Merino Wool, and 7% Spandex.

Size: S – XXL

How much: $22 USD

Where: California

8. Tentree

13 Ethical Underwear Brands For The Eco-Conscious Men 20

Why: Tentree is an all-around great clothing company with stylish timeless designs and each item plants ten trees. I have been a fan of them for a while, so why not try them out yourself.

Fabric: Organic cotton and Tencel

Size: S – XXL

How much: $35 USD

Where: Canada

9. Patagonia

patagonia underwear
Img: Patagonia

Why: Patagonia has to be on the list of ethical underwear brands that make underwear for men. They always had high environmental standards and you now you can trust your private parts are kept safe.

Fabric: Everyday boxers made with moisture-wicking, breathable TENCEL™ lyocell/spandex stretch jersey. Fair Trade Certified™ sewn.

Size: S – XXL

How much: $32 USD

Where: Sri Lanka

10. Thunderpants

Img: Thunderpants

Why: This Family owned New Zealand brand has some cool underwear styles that don’t harm the environment.

Fabric: They use 90% organic fair trade cotton and 10% Spandex for that stretchy soft feel.

Size: S – XXL

How much: $24 USD

Where: New Zealand

11. Mightygoodbasics

mighty good basics
Img: Mightygoodbasics

Why: Mighty Good Basics are eco-friendly undies that look and feel good. The factories are in India and the company makes sure that everyone gets fair wages.

Fabric: 95% certified organic and Fairtrade cotton and 5% elastane.

Size: XS – XXL

How much: $21 USD

Where: California

Why: Sustainable Fashion is not always easy to come by, but Kotn is “on a mission to change how things are made.” Designed in Canada and made in ethical factories in the Nile Delta. Kotn is worth the extra cost.

Fabric: Made from ultra-breathable Egyptian cotton, mixed with 6% Spandex. This fabric is certified OEKO-TEX® non-toxic, meaning each component, from fibers and trims to dyes, is harmless to human health.

Size: XS – XXL

How much: USD 26

Where: Canada

13. Organic Basics

Img: Organic Basics

10% off your first order.

Why: Organic Basics are just a great all-around company. Even their website uses a method to have a low environmental impact. Yes, even websites create a carbon footprint.

Their Vegan and a 1% Member for the Planet and a certified B Corporation.

Fabric: Trunks are made of 100%  Eco-friendly wood pulp called TENCEL™.

Size: S – XXL

How much: $62 USD for a 2 Pack

Where from: Denmark

Sustainable mens underwear final thoughts

Ethical mens underwear is out there and thanks to an ever-growing demand for sustainable clothing this is only the beginning. More and more companies are realizing that the “old” way isn’t acceptable anymore and that they have to take responsibility for their actions.

Workers deserve fair living wages and consumers deserve sustainable underwear mens underwear and clothes in general.

If you are looking to buy more than just eco-friendly mens underwear, have a look at this article that I put together for the zerowasteman in you.

16 Best Affordable and sustainable clothing brands for men


There are many different styles to choose from and many different fabrics. Even if you don’t find something in this list make sure that the fabric you choose is either of these:

  • Tencel (wood pulp)
  • Modal (beech tree pulp, often mixed with other fibers)
  • Hemp
  • Silk (look for cruelty-free silk)
  • Recycled Polyester (I would avoid it, but it is more sustainable than new poly)
  • Bamboo (make sure it is bamboo rayon)

By doing my research I will only list companies that use an ethical supply chain and pay their workers a living wage.

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