Ethical Underwear For Men That Feels Good On Your Skin


Becoming a zerowasteman is more complicated than I initially thought.

Plastic packaging seems to be the most challenging part to eliminate from our life.

But then there are the essentials like new underwear and socks that need to be replaced occasionally.

Because my skin is pretty sensitive, I try to buy ethically made garments and eco-friendly underwear. Additionally, I don’t want to contribute to the growing microfiber pollution problem in our oceans. Unless you want to wash your clothes in a guppyfriend, It seems better to buy fair trade boxer briefs that last long and feel great.

My last pair of underwear was made from bamboo, which I thought was eco-friendly, but it turns out this is a bit more complicated than I thought.

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But, if you have landed on this page to find the best eco-friendly and sustainable underwear for men, you have come to the right place.

If not hours, I have spent days finding ethical underwear for men, only to put it all into this list of 6 eco-friendly underwear brands for men who don’t break the bank.

Because let’s face it, only your partner is going to see them anyway.

So let’s dive into your pants.

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1. Pact

Fabrics: 95% organic cotton 5% elastane

Why: They come in a variety of designs

How much: Start from $12 USD with deals when you buy a pack

Size: XS – XXL

Where from: Boulder Colorado

2. Boody


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A passion for fashion and health inspired this clothing brand.

Why: Helping to fight malaria in Africa sustainable materials, vegan brand

Fabrics: 80% viscose made from organically-grown bamboo, 13% nylon, 7% elastane

Size: XS-XL

How much: from $15.95 USD

Where from: Sydney, Australia has stores worldwide

3. Wama

ethical underwear for men

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Why: Hemp fabric is naturally anti-bacterial with anti-odor properties.
Super comfortable, breathable, and gets softer with every wash. Hemp is the perfect fabric for your organic underwear.

Fabric: Hemp is also organic, eco-friendly, and can help save the planet.

Size: S-3XL

How much: from $24 USD / Special packs available to save

Wherefrom: USA, ships internationally

Why: Nothing compares to the comfort, breathability, and softness of Cariloha’s viscose-from-bamboo underwear.
The natural softness of bamboo fibers mixed with the flexibility of spandex is an ideal combination for perfectly fitting boxer briefs.

Fabric: 95% Viscose from Bamboo / 5% Spandex

Size: S-XL

How much: from $ 22 USD

Where from Salt Lake City, ships worldwide

5. T-Bo

tbo ethical underwear for men

Why: Co-Created Underwear – It’s like democracy but without the politics.

Fabric: 95% Viscose from organic Bamboo / 5% Spandex.

Size: S – XXL

How Much: from $ 7.50 USD

Where From: Zurich Switzerland, ships to 120 countries worldwide

6. Opok

ethical underwear for men

Why: They are super comfortable and build with precision. Opok is doing it right, by giving you room where you need it and keeping the rest in shape. I love them!

Update on the Opok undies: I am sad to say that after a couple of washes they lost their form. While they are still comfortable they are not snug around the butt anymore.
Just thought I let you know.

Fabric: GOTS certified dyes and organic cotton

Size: S – XXL

How much: $ 30 USD

Where from: San Francisco, California

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