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Revolutionize Your Home with these Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Written by: Hendrik

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The best eco-friendly cleaning supplies

It’s rather fascinating how the world of cleaning supplies has evolved over the years to a point where we now have an array of eco-friendly cleaning supplies swarming the market.

When it comes to making our homes sparkle and shine, few things can match the efficacy of these green warriors. One major player that has truly revolutionized this arena is biodegradable cleaning solutions. However, the simplest method might be to clean with white wine vinegar and baking soda.

But I wanted to give you a list of eco-friendly cleaning products that go beyond vinegar because, let’s face it, not everyone likes the smell of vinegar or wants to make their own natural cleaning products.

Additionally we all want to reduce the amount of plastic containers being used and the toxic chemicals that some of the traditional cleaning products contain.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are carefully crafted with environment-friendly elements, ensuring they break down rapidly post-use instead of wreaking havoc on our planet.

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Glass Cleaning solutions

Glass cleaner is a perfect example here; today’s eco-friendly versions effortlessly remove dirt while adding shine without leaving behind harmful residues or toxicity.

We recommend the 3-Pack Surface Cleaning Refill Starter Kit from Boulder Clean, which you can get at This is an easy way to have a set of cleaning spray bottles ready to go for any surface.

Choosing a natural glass cleaner reduces harm to aquatic life and helps maintain biodiversity while leaving your windows streak-free and sparkling.

tru earth

Laundry room

It would be an oversight, not to mention green laundry detergents. They’ve been making waves in recent years for their ability to replace commercial cleaning agents that are notorious for their strong chemical contents and heavy plastic packaging.

These Eco-strips by True Earth, for example, are a game changer. Not only for space saving but also convenience, less messy and straightforward to use, oh and of course, no toxic substances are found here. Plus, you can get 40% off with zerowasteman.

Related: Tru Earth Review or see Earth Breeze vs. True Earth.

Eco-friendly laundry detergents come with certified product assurances and often contain essential oils that leave your clothes smelling naturally fresh and clean.

zero waste dish soap


Something every kitchen in every home can’t function without!

Regular dish soaps come heavily packaged and contain harsh chemicals – but who needs those when we have much better alternatives?

Eco-friendly dish soaps, available in minimal packaging and packed with powerful natural ingredients, cut through grease just as effectively yet are kinder on our hands and our planet.

Check out Dropps or Etee for dish soaps and even tablets for your dishwasher.

eco-friendly cleaning supplies

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

The standouts are those elegantly designed with plant-based ingredients that are as effective as traditional cleaners. For instance, some green brands have developed highly praised solutions for hard surfaces, such as countertops and trash cans.

What makes them unique is their ability to do an excellent job without releasing toxic chemicals into your home or our dear planet.

This all-purpose cleaner doesn’t discriminate – from clothes and upholstery in your laundry room to grease on your kitchen counters or even grime in your toilet bowl; it tackles everything with impressive prowess, a must-have in eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

earthy edith s simple bathroom cleaner

Bathroom cleaners.

We know how daunting it can be to clean soap scum off bathroom surfaces; it requires heavy-duty products, which unfortunately often come loaded with bleach and other harmful chemicals.

Thankfully, green cleaning products such as this bathroom cleaner are tailored just for this job, providing a healthier alternative without compromising efficiency.

the home farm home farm fruit veggie cleaner

Fruit Cleaner

With most of our fruit and veggies being sprayed with pestozeds and more it is a good habit to clean your fruit before you eat it. Home Farm actually has a Fruit Cleaner that you can buy.

But if you prefer to make your own, you can mix vinegar and bi-carb or grapefruit seed extract.

If you want to create your own blend, use:

  • 12 drops of grapefruit seed extract with
  • 3 cups of water in your spray bottle
  • Shake well and spray your produce
  • Rinse off after 2-3 min

For the Vinegar Blend, use:

  • Mix 20 drops of grapefruit seed extract with
  • 1 TBSP baking soda,
  • 1 cup water, and
  • 1 cup white vinegar.
  • Add to a spray bottle and generously spray on vegetables.
  • Rinse in cold water after 2-3 minutes.

What’s wrong with traditional cleaning products?

When it comes to household cleaners, the average person tends to gravitate towards popular brands they grew up seeing on TV or in their parent’s cupboards. There’s a certain comfort in familiarity, even if it involves using harsh chemicals to scrub away soap scum or bleach to whiten laundry.

However, an increasing number of individuals – and businesses, too – are turning their attention toward eco-friendly cleaning supplies, recognizing their equal efficacy and the benefits they bring to the environment. Take hand soaps as an example.

When you stroll down the aisle of your local supermarket, you might notice an array of vibrant bottles proclaiming “kills 99.9% of germs.” These labels often neglect to mention that many contain high concentrations of chemicals that can be harmful to our bodies and our planet. In contrast, eco-friendly cleaning products usually feature plant-based ingredients and avoid harmful toxins.

They still offer a thorough clean without wreaking havoc on your skin or the environment. So next time you’re faced with choosing between bleach and an eco cleaner for your home, consider giving the latter a chance.

Many companies are now producing green options that are just as effective at removing stains and brightening whites as their chemical-laden counterparts. And let’s not forget about other areas in need of regular cleansing – your kitchen floor or those oft-overlooked trash cans for instance.

A concoction of water and hydrogen peroxide can work wonders as a cleaning solution without posing harm to you or any pets who may roam your floors. Moreover, there’s a myriad of green cleaners available online and in stores that provide impressive results minus the hazardous residue.

It’s worth noting that every small step toward using more sustainable goods counts. Whether you choose eco-friendly soap over conventional hand soap or give plant-based detergents a go in your business premises, these choices contribute positively to maintaining cleanliness and preserving our precious environment.

Swap to eco-friendly laundry detergent,

Making the switch to eco-friendly laundry detergent can provide an incredible boost to your green cleaning regimen. Many of these alternatives use plant-based ingredients that are gentle on your clothes and kinder to our environment.

Often, they’ll come in concentrated forms, meaning that a little goes a long way – perfect for tackling those piles of laundry without contributing excess plastic packaging to our overflowing landfills. Laundry room magic truly happens when you swap out that conventional detergent for something with an oxygen boost powder.

Not only does this make your whites whiter and colors brighter, it works wonders on stains, too. Imagine being able to eliminate those stubborn spots without resorting to harsh chemicals!

Plus, these types of detergents are often free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can contribute to poor indoor air quality. These laundry detergents may boast about their ability to cut through grease and grime; eco-friendly versions can do the same without the harmful effects on aquatic life once they’re washed down the drain.

Many green companies are stepping up their game by formulating effectively clean products while maintaining a commitment to preserving our planet’s resources. Adding essential oils into your laundry routine can be another bonus of transitioning towards greener cleaning supplies.

These oils not only add a pleasant scent but also possess antimicrobial properties which further enhance your detergent’s cleaning power. So next time you’re loading up the washing machine, consider reaching for an environmentally friendly cleaner – it’s a small step with big implications for your laundry room and our world.


As we draw to a close on this enlightening journey through natural cleaning products, observing the wide selection available in today’s market is impressive. We are no longer limited to harsh, high concentrations of chemicals that not only take a toll on our environment but can also negatively affect our personal health. Opting for sustainable, plant-based household cleaners is not just about ticking an ‘eco-friendly’ checkbox; it’s a conscious decision contributing significantly to our planet’s well-being and ourselves.

Remember, every bottle of plant-based bathroom cleaner or biodegradable dish soap makes a difference – both in our homes and for our planet. So next time you’re shopping for household essentials, consider opting for these sustainable alternatives – you’ll be doing both yourself and Mother Earth a favor!

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