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The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping

Written by: Hendrik

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Welcome to the ultimate list of the best online zero waste stores for package-free shipping.

Are you looking to buy eco-friendly and sustainable products online? Do you want to do your part and become a member of the circular economy by adopting a low-waste lifestyle?

Find products of high quality that use recyclable materials and last a lifetime.

But you’re not sure where to start?

Let me tell you. You have come to the right place.

In this list, you will find:

Plastic-free products, body products, zero waste essentials, essential oils, gift cards, vegan products, and one-stop shops with great incentives for you and the planet

I have categorized them into the United States and Canada to either save on shipping or have even less impact because it’s just around the corner (cutting carbon emissions).

Hey, my name is Hendrik, aka Zerowasteman, and I’ve been adopting a somewhat zero-waste lifestyle over the last five years. While I’m not perfect and still create rubbish, I have found some cool ways to save money and help the environment.

As more and more people want to do their part, this list should be an excellent guide to finding what you’re looking for. I am affiliated with some of these stores, which means you can get some nice discounts by clicking the links on my website, and it helps me keep my website going.

But if you’re new here and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about. We will start from the beginning.

Here are all the shops for you to just quickly jump to if you don’t want to read them all:)

What is a Zero Waste Store?

It is a shop that pays a lot of attention to the quality of each item, where the products are made, how they are made, and how they’re shipped, which means offsetting the carbon footprint.

What impact do they have on the planet?

The goal is to reduce single-use plastics and packaging and replace them with zero-waste products.

But can we stop the madness of plastic production?

Researchers estimate that more than 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced since the early 1950s. About 60% of that plastic has ended up in either a landfill or the natural environment.

According to National Geographic, the largest plastic market today is packaging materials. The rubbish now accounts for nearly half of all plastic waste generated globally, and most of it never gets recycled or incinerated.

Why is the zero-waste store more expensive?

This is probably the biggest fallback for most people wanting to make a difference but not go bankrupt because of grocery shopping. My friend recently went to a zero waste shop here in Victoria, and she couldn’t believe the markup on some of the items and doubled in price in the supermarket. However, if you use code zerowasteman at checkout, you will get a 10% discount.

But why is that?

Supermarket chains like Save On Foods or Woolworth have a much bigger buying power since they buy in much larger quantities than your local zero-waste store. An even more significant incentive for you to support a small business rather than the big boys. But I get it, especially with inflation right now. It all seems a bit challenging.

Regardless most of these online stores offer discounts or deals, and the products you are buying are of higher quality and last longer. Plus something that has become more and more important is they are better for our health. With everything wrapped in plastic, we also ingest it. The less plastic you can have in your life, the less you have in your body. For me, that is one of the biggest incentives, especially with a young child.

Buy less crap, have less crap in your body = stay healthy and strong.

For the cost, I have outlined this beautiful example: Zero waste shaving razors how you can save money in the long run while buying a $100 razor. If you would like to read this article. Jump on here. 

Zero-waste Stores in The United States

Earth Hero

is on a mission to become the sustainability version of Amazon.

Earth Hero has got you if you are looking for a nice gift or want to get a new toothbrush. Carefully select products that have only the best intention for you and the planet in mind. Make it on the website of Earth Hero.

Their mission statement is to make sustainable shopping so easy that everyone does it.

The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 19

Product Range: This is one of the best zero waste stores out there, with absolutely everything you need.

Impact: 1% member for the Planet, Registered B Corp, Carbon-Free Fund, to offset carbon emissions created during transport.

Get 10% off with code ZEROWASTEMAN at checkout.

Eco lunchbox

It is a California business created by an echo mum in 2008, made from non-toxic stainless steel and high-grade silicone.

Suppose you need some new lunch boxes, bento boxes, or anything to store your food in. This is the place to go. It is a woman-owned business based in sunny California. This company meets the highest social and environmental impact standards, and I had to put it on this list.

best online zero waste stores
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 20

Product Range: Lunchboxes, straws, and tumblers

Impact: Certified green business, B Corp and they offset the carbon footprint

Eco Roots

It is a small store that focuses mainly on the essentials, from home and cleaning to beauty and skincare products. All products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. Plus, they are all ethically sourced and sustainably made.

image 3
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 21

Product Range: Home and kitchen essentials, bath, and beauty products.

Shipping: Free shipping on orders over USD45.

Package Free Shop

One of the best online zero waste stores is the infamous package-free shop by Lauren Singer. It is a one-stop-shop for all things zero waste in New York City. 

image 4
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 22

Product Range: Everything you need and more.

Shipping: International available, Free shipping in the US on orders over $35.


Zerovana is a small, family-owned business out in Dallas, Texas. Their mission is to make it easy for everyone to find sustainable and reusable alternatives to single-use plastic and disposables—instant 10% off if you sign up for the newsletter.

image 5
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 23

Product Range:  Kitchen & Dining, Bath & Beauty, Cleaning, To-go, Zero waste kits & gift sets.

Shipping: International shipping is available.

Impact: We donate 1% of our profits to our non-profit partner National Forest Foundation (NFF), to plant trees.

Zero Waste Store

Sarah started selling her handmade soap bars, which led to the Zero Waste Store. She and Gerard began this beautiful online shop out of Florida. It has made quite the name for itself in the zero waste niche, with over 50.000 monthly visitors—definitely a must-see.

image 6
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 24

Product Range: Gardening, underwear, skin care, and even something for your pet. It’s all there.

Impact: 1% member for the planet, carbon-neutral shipping, zero-waste packaging, and recycled cardboard boxes.

Shipping: Free US shipping on orders over $35.

A Drop in the Ocean

A Drop in the Ocean aims to make zero-waste products accessible to all. They focus on refills, and you can easily do it online. Choose your jar or bottle, and they will send it to you.

Based in Tacoma, Washington.

The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 25

Product Range: Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, raw materials, and personal care.

Impact: In 2020, we planted 17,410 trees and donated $1,480 to the ocean. That’s ten trees for every sale and 1% to ocean conservation.

Shipping: Free US shipping on orders over $50.

Eco Collective

Eco Collective is another tremendous woman-owned zero waste shop. They mainly sell skincare and hair care products, but you’ll also find the writing equipment, recycled journals, and refillable cartridges for your fountain pen in there. 

They offer free shipping on orders over $60 in the US. And they also ship carbon neutral and plastic-free.

image 1
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 26

Product Range: Skincare, Haircare, Wellness, travel, and journaling.

Impact: They ship carbon-neutral and plastic-free.

Shipping: Free US shipping on orders over $60.

No Tox Life

No, Tox Life is a mom-and-daughter family-owned business. It was born from the desire to provide practical, vegan body and home care to help you live a cleaner, greener lifestyle. The aim is to provide toxin-free and natural products, and they offer unpackaged and vegan options.

image 2
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 27

Product Range: They offer refill options at selected locations.

Shipping: Plastic free shipping on US orders over $49+

The Refill Shoppe

When shopping online, you can create your custom creations by choosing the bottle, the scent, the strength, and other preferences. If you select a subscription, you can send the empty plastic pouch back to reuse.

image 3
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 28

Product Range:

Impact: 1% member of the planet, one tree planted for every order, Certified B Corp, Certified Green Business.

Shipping: Shipping all around the US except Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, or internationally.

Plaine Products

Plaine Products was founded by two sisters to battle the ever-growing amount of plastic bottles in our environment. The majority of the plastic produced is made for plastic packaging. At Plaine, you order your favorite shampoo and conditioner, which arrives in a recyclable box. Once you run low, you can either go subscription-based and get a refill bottle or buy one and replace the pump while sending your empty one back for reuse.

image 4
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 29

Product Range: Personal care products and travel products.

Impact: 1% member for the planet, certified B Corp, Vegan, Carbon-neutral shipping.

Well Earth Goods

This gorgeous one-stop shop has everything a zero wasters heart desires, from sustainable swaps to a wide range of eco-friendly products. If you like supporting small family-owned businesses, this one based in Oregon should be on your list.

image 5
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 30

Shipping: Free and fast in the US.


Straight out of Boston comes Lochtree. A zero-waste shop that really tries to make an impact by giving back to the community through the off-grid box and helping preserve our beautiful oceans while making it easy for you to buy sustainable and eco-friendly products.

image 11
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 31

Get 10% off with code ZEROWASTEMAN

Product Range: Household items, kids and pets and you can even find doormats from recycled lobster rope. Pretty cool.

Shipping: Carbon-neutral shipping and free on U.S. orders over $50.

Zero-waste Stores in Canada

Life Without Plastic

I have met Chantal and Jay, the owners of LWP, in their hometown in Canada. They are super lovely and have a great mission to bring more zero waste items to the world. However, their warehouse is in NY, so I guess they cover all the Americas.

The book they rode is a bible for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of plastic and its danger. They also have a store for our European friends, and I know they are both quite active.

image 6
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 32

Product Range: Plastic-free home essentials, zero waste gifts, and everything you can imagine that is eco-friendly.


Kirsten, the owner, I presume, says she has a small shop. I think it is humongous, and it has so many fantastic items, and you can even get a meditation cushion and your favorite dried fruit. Its mission is to accelerate Canada’s transition to sustainable, eco-friendly, and low impact household products.

image 7
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 33

Product Range: From self-care, wellness to home goods, even supermarket products for refillable—snacks and pantry items. 

Shipping: Free shipping over 100 CAD


Nugrocery is an excellent shop in Ottawa, and I have also personally visited it and always feel like a kid in a toy store. You pretty much find everything you need for your sustainable lifestyle in this shop. The physical locations in Ottawa allow you to do proper zero waste grocery shopping, bring your jars and fill them up with all the goodies you need. It’s a zero waste supermarket.

image 8
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 34

Product Range: Supermarket groceries if you go to the location. Otherwise, everything you need and more.

Shipping: The rate is $12 for orders under $100 and is FREE for orders over $100.


Etee stands for “everything touches everything else”. This shop always impressed me with its innovative ideas to battle plastic pollution. The latest one is the dish soap that comes in a wax-based biodegradable pod. Or how about an electric toothbrush with a replaceable bamboo head?

image 9
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 35

Product Range: Dental care, cleaning, household, on-the-go, and even pet care.

Shipping: Free shipping on US and Canada over $60.

Net Zero Company

Coming right out of Vancouver, Net Zero was started by Amy, who learned about the problems a small straw can cause. It inspired her to start Net Zero Company which is now shipping earth-friendly goods worldwide. With the help of her marketing background, she made Net Zero a big player in the best Zero Waste Store niche.

image 12
The 18 Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Package Free Shopping 36

Product Range: Home and lifestyle products.

Shipping: Free over $100 CAD.

Impact: They offer a silicone recycling program through Terracycle.

Ok, my friend, that is the end of my best online zero-waste stores. I am sure there are plenty of more cool stores that I have not listed, and you are more than welcome to put them in the comments below, and I will make sure to add them.

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I've studied biology and lived for 3 years on an off-grid permaculture farm. I love kitesurfing and keeping my body healthy and fit. Hence, I care so much about keeping our environment clean and being as zero waste as possible. Being a zerowasteman is a superpower everyone has inside of themselves, and I want to teach you how you can unleash it.

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