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The 14 Best Eco-friendly Kids Toys Of 2023

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Many years ago, children played with wooden toys or those made from cotton, rope, and other natural materials aka eco friendly kids toys.

Now, there are way too many plastic and toxic additives in kids’ toys that make them incredibly unsafe. These additives disrupt hormones, trigger allergies, and may even lead to cancer in later years.

Fortunately, many health agencies have started to recognize the harmful effects of these chemicals, taking steps to inform consumers. Likewise, common consumers like us are now more mindful of what we buy and give to our children.

Still, we won’t get rid of the world’s plastic problem without targeting absolutely everything that contains plastic – and that includes children’s toys.

Why is plastic bad?

Plastic is a cheap and widely available material used anywhere from single-use shopping bags, to shampoo bottles, industrial equipment, and even toys.

PVC plastics are the most common type of plastic found in toys. The problem with PVC is that it usually comes with additives like phthalates, BPA, and heavy metals, all of which may cause harm to your developing child.

Soft toys may be even more dangerous than hard plastic toys because they shed toxic material more easily.

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What is a sustainable green toy?

Eco-friendly Kids Toys are ones that are made from renewable resources and natural materials and use a manufacturing process that doesn’t pollute the environment. Additionally, non-toxic paints and no chemicals are used to meet the high standards of toys that can biodegrade at the end of their lifecycle.

Luckily, more and more toy makers are turning to better alternatives than plastic toys.

  • Eco-friendly materials such as silicone (only of high quality), is silicone safe?
  • Natural rubber,
  • Bamboo,
  • Sustainably harvested wood,
  • Stainless steel,
  • Organic materials.
  • Natural paint

Earth-friendly materials aren’t all that make up an ideal children’s toy. In this article, we look for toys that are responsibly manufactured, energy-efficient, recyclable, or made with recyclable packaging and are made with non-toxic materials.

You can thrift, but new toys can be earth-friendly, too. We found toy companies that make it easy for you to trace where they source their ingredients. More often, you’ll find that the best eco-friendly alternatives are more durable and of higher quality than cheap plastic toys.

Here is a list of our favorite sustainable toys, ready for the holiday season. These range from baby gifts to older children’s toys.

Here’s a list of the best eco friendly kids toys for your loved ones.

Only applicable to earthhero products.

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1. Slide N Go Dollhouse

eco friendly kids toys
Plan Toys

For ages: 3 years +

Made from: Sustainably sourced rubberwood

Value: Sustainable manufacturing, safe and fair labor, recycled packaging, low-impact ink.

Measurements: 14.17 in X 9.65 in X 12.76 in

The Slide N Go Dollhouse, uniquely compact and versatile, offers a world of creative play. This miniature, portable realm features three rearrangeable units, modern furniture, a chandelier and sliding doors with a total of 20 individual pieces. Ideal for on-the-go adventures, the dollhouse can effortlessly be packed up and transported. Compatible with all PlanToys dollhouses, it is built to a 1:12 scale using sustainably-sourced, chemical-free rubberwood, organic pigments, and eco-friendly dyes. Admiringly crafted in Thailand.

2. Honey sticks

honeysticks original beeswax crayon

For ages: 3 years +

Made from: Natural beeswax crayons with food-grade pigments and no petroleum-based ingredients. 100% natural New Zealand beeswax, vegetable fats, natural minerals and food grade pigments.

100% plastic free

Value: Handmade in New Zealand. Spark your child’s creativity with these great smelling all natural crayons.

Measurements: each crayon is 2.2in long and .8in thick.

Experience the joy of creativity with Honeysticks’ Original Beeswax Crayons 12pk! These chubby crayons, lovingly handcrafted in New Zealand, are made from responsibly procured beeswax and adorned with food-grade pigments. Completely void of petroleum-based waxes, these eco-friendly crayons are larger than average — perfect for little hands to grasp comfortably. Not only are they 100% devoid of plastic, but they also promise to provide countless hours of stimulating fun!

3. Environmental Science: Oil Clean Up


For ages: 5 years +

Made from: wood

Value: Sustainable cardboard packaging, child safety tested, designed by experts, no harmful chemicals.

This educational toy set from KiwiCo will teach your little scientist how oil affects the animals that live around oceans. They will learn how to clean the water and rescue the little animals from the sticky oil. All tools and materials in this kit are reusable and made with high-quality materials.

4. Carpenter Playset


For ages: 3 years +

Made from: FSC Certified Wood/Colored with low-impact dyes or inks.

Value: Sustainability and environmentally friendly materials. Plants a tree.

Measurements: 13 ” x 25.8 ” x 6.3 “

The EverEarth Carpenter’s Playset furnishes children with all the necessities to immerse themselves in the world of inventive crafting. Loaded with a diverse range of entertaining tools and accessories, this playset caters to all a budding carpenter’s whims and desires. Additionally, its entire composition is from FSC Certified Beechwood, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability in this green toy.

5. KiwiCo Baking and Fractions

Baking and Fractions Shop 4237 R PDP

For ages: 3 years +

Value: Recycled cardboard packaging, quality materials, play-based learning

There’s nothing like baking to help develop a child’s hand-eye coordination and math skills. This baking set is made of solid wood and cardboard, making it a very high-quality and safe pretend play set for your growing child.
KiwiCo natural toys and sets may be bought separately or through their unique crates system. You pick a line based on your child’s age and interests, then wait for them to send you a unique, expertly crafted play kit that’s designed to help your child learn while having good, clean fun. They also have gift packaging options if you want to give one as an entertaining eco-friendly gift.

6. Tug Toy Boat

green toys tugboat bath toy
Green Toys

For ages: 6 months +

Made from: 100% recycled plastic from milk bottles

Value: BPA-free, phthalate-free, low-impact dyes, 100% recycled content made in the USA

Water toys are sometimes unsafe because of the amount of plastic and chemicals leaching from them. Fortunately, this colorful bathtime toy is certified chemical-free and made from recycled plastic milk jugs. Your little one can scoop up and pour out water from its wide spout, making sure they’re entertained while you scrub them clean. This is a great way to add lots of fun to your baby’s bath routine.

7. Mini Flip Baby Walker

wishbone design studio mini flip walker
Wishbone Design Studio

For ages: 2 years +

Made from: Sustainably harvested plantation poplar wood. Designed in New Zealand. Ethically made in China.

Value: Sustainable manufacturing, safe and fair labor, recycled packaging, low-impact ink

Wishbone products are designed for longevity and with low waste. Their products use sustainable, raw materials in a mindful way and emphasize repair and reuse. They are an excellent sustainable alternative to classic kids and baby toys!

8. Eco-Dough (3 pk)

eco kids eco dough
The 14 Best Eco-friendly Kids Toys Of 2023 15

For ages: 2 years +

Made from: Non GMO flour, salt, cream of tartar, soy oil, organic rosemary oil, vitamin e oil, water, citric acid, potassium sorbate, FDA approved soy based organic and inorganic pigments

Value: Made in the USA

Immerse your children in endless fun with the non-toxic play dough from eco-kids! Composed of entirely natural ingredients, this eco-dough offers a safe environment for your kids to build, mould, and sculpt their own world. The addition of essential oils guarantees a subtle fragrance and ensures the dough remains soft, inviting hours of creativity. The set encompasses three bright primary colors and comes with convenient instructions on blending hues to create purple, orange, and green!

9. Cruise Kid Bike

wishbone designs cruise kid bike

For ages: 2 years +

Made from:

Sustainably harvested plantation birch wood. Post-consumer plastic.

Value: Wishbone products are designed for longevity and with low waste. Their products use sustainable, raw materials in a mindful way and emphasize repair and reuse. They are an excellent sustainable alternative to classic kids’ and baby bike toys!

Move and explore with the Cruise Kid Bike from Wishbone Design Studio. Made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and carpet and sustainable birch, this innovative bike has no pedals, encouraging kiddos 2 to 4 years old to learn how to ride a bike and fine-tune their motor skills. It features larger 14-inch wheels for a smooth ride and has an adjustable seat to grow with your little adventurer.

10. Eco-Bricks Color

10 once kids eco bricks
Once Kids

For ages: 3 years +

Made from:

FSC Certified Wood

Non-Toxic Water-Base Color

Value: Once-Kids contributes 1% of total sales directly to the Trash Free Seas Alliance®, aiding in the cleanup of plastic from our oceans and waterways!

Let imagination run wild with Eco-bricks Color Wooden Toy Blocks from Once-Kids. Made from FSC Certified Wood, these building blocks are customizable with colored pencils and are compatible with conventional building block alternatives. Each set comes with a variety of different style blocks, allowing for countless configurations and creations. They encourage creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills – and are tons of fun.

11. Under The Nile

under the nile Artie the Polar Bear Plush
Under the Nile

For ages: All ages

Made from: hand sewn from soft organic Egyptian cotton. Made from scraps of leftover clothing products at the Fair Trade Certified Under the Nile factory.

Value: Fairtrade certified, upcycled organic cotton, handmade sustainable toys

Colorful and adorable, this cuddly toy octopus is made from the purest Egyptian cotton. Under the Nile, created for cleaner and safer materials, makes sure their organic cotton undergoes intense screening to give you the best material for your kids. The soft, artificial color-free fabric in this natural toy is perfect for teething babies.

12. Garden Activity Cube

everearth garden toddler activity center

For ages: 18 months +

Made from: Created with FSC Certified Wood.

Value: Safe and fair labor, sustainable manufacturing, low impact dyes.

This learning toy for toddlers can be played solo or with friends. So much to discover for little hands. 7 active play sides. The best way to have fun and learn is while playing.

13. Baby Blocks

The 14 Best Eco-friendly Kids Toys Of 2023 16

For ages: 18 months +

Made from: Rubberwood

Value: Sustainable manufacturing, safe and fair labor, recycled packaging, low-impact ink

This simple, four piece block is illustrated with warm bright colors and simple graphics. Challenge your toddler to create 4 different animal pictures using the tray to keep them safe.  A fantastic first toy for your toddler, as it helps to develop hand eye coordination, spatial thinking, and concentration.

14. Playhard Heroes Wooden Action Figure

03 once kids playhard

For ages: 2 years +

Made from: FSC Certified Wood, Joints connected by elastic strings and metal joints

Value: Responsibly made in China

Measurements: 7.5″ tall

Introducing an environmentally-conscious take on the beloved superhero action figures: the Playhard Heroes Wooden Action Figures from Once-Kids. Expertly crafted from FSC Certified wood, harvested sustainably, these figures are not only friendly to the planet, but also hand-painted to perfection. With articulated parts connected by elastic string and metal joints, they allow numerous manipulations for limitless play scenarios. Choose your favorite character and enjoy crafting their exclusive adventures! What’s more, Once-Kids pledges 1% of all sales directly to the Trash Free Seas Alliance®, proactively participating in the removal of plastic from our oceans and waterways!

Final Thoughts:

The best way to help your kid develop is to be a present parent and spend quality time with your little one. But we know that can be tough at times and you can feel much safer when you know that your kid is playing with toys that are safe.

Second-hand is also always a good option, this is where we look first.

We hope this list of friendly toy brands inspired you. Happy playtime!!!

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