31 Days to Zero Waste

Welcome to the 31 days to Zero Waste Challenge.

These are the steps that I have taken to live a life with less waste. I know how hard it can be, to change old habits.
That’s exactly the reason why I have created this handy guide for you to jump from day to day and do a little bit at the time.

No need to stress if you miss a day, you can always come back and do it again.

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I hope you get some great new ideas for your zero-waste life. Feel free to share it with your friends and do the zero waste challenge together. 

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5 thoughts on “31 Days to Zero Waste”

  1. This is so great, I love your site. The posts are so inspiring, and I would love to become Zero Waste. I may have to try some of your tips and see if I can get myself/my family to at least become a little bit less wasteful. Thanks for the great ideas, I will keep following your page for inspiration.

  2. Hi there, I really like your strategy to overcome the zero waste challenge. I believe that if we all were even a little bit better to improve our planet, the impact would be spectacular. I am very happy that there are people with good strategies not only to be better people in life but also to create a comfortable environment for our children and for the ones after.

    Thank you for sharing the challenge of zero waste. I Love it

  3. Well written & done!
    I’ve just started wrting myself just recently
    and realised lot of articles simply rework old content but add very little of
    value. It’s goood tto read a helpful post of some true vawlue to your readers.

    It is actually going on my list of factors I need to emulate as a new blogger.
    Audience engagement and material value arre king.

    Many superb ideas; you’ve absolutely got on my list of people tto follow!

    Carry on the excellent work!


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