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The Zero Waste Kit

zero waste kit

Day 19 of the zero waste challenge

Having a zero waste kit with you at all times can save you money and plastic. I actually really enjoy having my little backpack with me, which makes me feel less naked.

Let’s see; by now, you should have a couple of zero waste items to make your life plastic-free and, therefore, less prone to chemicals in your food or drink. I know it can be tricky sometimes because you can’t see chemicals with your eye, but trust me, they are there.

If you just jumped to this page, go back and read through the other challenges in the 31 days to zero waste.

Make a zero-waste kit from items you already own is what I recommend you to start with. If you really feel the urge to become a super zerowasteman, then go and spend some money.

bruning money

So, to create your first official zero waste kit. Let’s have a look at what you already have? If you have been following the zero waste journey from day one, you should have these items already:

  1. You have a reusable bottle of your choice.
  2. You have a reusable carry bag/tote bag for groceries.
  3. You have a reusable straw of your preference.
  4. You have a reusable coffee cup.
  5. You probably have some mason jars at home.
  6. You have your beeswax wraps.
  7. You have a fountain pen.
  8. You have a shampoo bar. 

If you do have any or all of those items already, you should give yourself a pat on the shoulder. You are mastering the zero waste lifestyle.

If you haven’t already, go and got a reusable bottle and a stainless steel food container. Now is the time. They can save you a lot of trouble from microplastic in your water to food waste in the restaurant.

Since I am a man, I don’t necessarily want to carry a handbag/manbag with me. I have a Geiger rig backpack with me most of the time. 

Now, this is a hydration backpack that I use with a water filter installed. I can use water from the river and be sure it doesn’t have any contaminants in it. 

In my backpack/zero waste kit I have:

  • Leatherman/Opinel
  • Space pen/ fountain pen
  • Yeti water bottle
  • Spork
  • Shopping bag since the geigerrig when full isn’t very big
  • Metal straw optional
  • Stainless steel plate and a stainless steel mug (optional)
  • Razor
  • Solar charger for my devices (coming soon)

Now, this is me ready for a hike or a little camping adventure. 

Or just an average walk from my car to a friend’s place. I feel like I am always ready for the battle against plastic pollution.

I think I make some T-shirts soon 🙂 Organic of course!

What’s in your zero waste kit?

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