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Let's get creative! 4

Welcome to Day 20 of the Zero Waste Challenge.

Last Christmas, we were talking about getting a Christmas tree. I was suggesting rather than buying a new tree and watching it die in the living room(sad trumpet for more drama), why don’t we make one for ourselves?

Everyone looked at me like I was from a planet where they can see grow Christmas trees out of thin air. But no, I was asking for them to get creative, and we did.

Often this is something we have forgotten about. Not only being creative but building something from the stuff you already have. Making something new out of the old by using your hands can be so rewarding.

  • bond with your friends and family
  • be creative and learn
  • have a fun Sunday activity
  • reduce the waste that otherwise goes to the landfill
  • to express yourself
  • to share your gifts

I personally love the challenge of making something out of limited resources, and it really gets your creative juices flowing. 

Yeah ok, it is the end of October, but we can talk about Christmas, right?

Alright, let’s get creative here. I am challenging you to make something out of the resources you already have at home. In my case, that was a pallet and some chicken wire. It doesn’t sound that exciting. But let’s see it.

So I did. I would call it the minimalist Christmas tree. 

zero waste christmas tree

I used pallet timber and chicken wire. 

Pallets are pretty much a free resource, and a bit of chicken wire can do the trick to hang your old Xmas decoration. 

What about a bathroom shelf made from an old ladder?

Now old items are trending again, but often I learn that they are made to look old but actually aren’t that old after all. 

Luckily, I found this old ladder in the shed rather than taking the paint off and fixing it. I come up with a different solution. You can watch the full build on youtube here.

Upcycling furniture Ideas | recycle repurpose diy ladder shelf

Share your ideas and spread the love. I am looking forward to seeing your quirky DIYs and other creative ideas.

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