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17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom

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I get excited about the products you can have in your zero-waste bathroom because there are pretty amazing companies out there making zero-waste products, such as the Leaf Razor or the shampoo bar I use.

Sadly after the kitchen, the bathroom is the second most polluting place in our homes. Most companies have designed the products to be convenient and disposable, but this comes with a much higher price than we can pay—climate change, acid oceans, microplastic rain, and so on.

If you check on going zero waste Kathryn Kellogs website, she says that the average woman puts on 12 products before leaving the house.
And yes, my wife confirmed it. She doesn’t use as many products, but even she comes up with 6 products.

I feel we men are better off there; I have my zero waste shampoo bar, which is great and leaves nothing behind. I have my Leaf razor, another safety razor, a bamboo toothbrush, and some refillable floss. That’s pretty much me.
But if you want some more easy swaps for your zero waste bathroom, or perhaps you would like to get a zero waste bathroom kit. I can help with these easy swaps.

Quick Links for zero-waste bathroom swaps

beeswax wraps
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 19

Zero Waste Toilet Paper, Or No Paper.

We all have to do it. Some stand up, some squat, and some use water and paper. I personally use toilet paper as we are still moving from Airbnb to Airbnb, but I had a bum shower in my last home, and I loved it.
I highly suggest the tushy, but if you are a tight arse, you can buy an attachable hose on Amazon. We tried them; they work great, are easy to install, and only cost a couple of bucks.
The best part is you only need minimal toilet paper to dry your bum.
We use who gives a crap to dry our bums, but they can also be a bit expensive, and we found an alternative made from bamboo.

leaf razor zero waste
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 20

Ditch your Plastic Razor for The Leaf Razor

Ditch your Plastic Razor for The Leaf Razor
I am obsessed with my leaf razor, although I would highly recommend that you get the silver one because, sadly, the paint comes off after a year of use. (I have the black one) The part where you swipe across your face peeled all the paint off. That is the only downside about this otherwise genius invention. I still have a standard safety razor to get to the tight part under my nose, but my wife and I both use the Leaf Razor, which is soooo smooth and easy to use. Get one now. You can check out my weird review here.

redecker Handcrafted Toilet Brush 1
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 21

The toilet brush

It’s basically like a huge toothbrush made entirely from plastic. I think the one left in the picture looks sexy if you can use this term for a toilet brush.

The same goes here: biodegrading after use is much preferred than one that stays around until your grand grandchild. You can get this one from earthhero with 10% off if you use ZEROWASTEMAN.

Davids Spearmint Natural Toothpaste 5
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 22

Zero waste toothpaste

I have tried toothpaste tablets that tasted like salty rain. I have tried toothpowder that didn’t work for me either. Now I am using Davids, and it tastes nice. It comes in a recyclable metal tube, and it is all-natural. I haven’t tried to make my own toothpaste, but there are plenty of helpful videos out there if you want to give it a go. Check out this one from Trashisfortossers.

Plaine Products Refillable Vegan Shampoo Conditioner Set 16oz Rosemary Mint Vanilla Pump 11
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 23

Zero Waste Shampoo

Did you know that we throw away millions of plastic bottles every day?
To me, it was a no-brainer to swap over to shampoo bars. Mind you, I am not very picky regarding shampoo, and I think most men aren’t. Let me know if that isn’t true in the comments.
However, I think as long as it smells nice, I am ok with my shampoo. But again, my wife hasn’t found the right shampoo bar, so she uses plaine products. Order your shampoo and conditioner, and when you start running low, you keep the pump, get refill containers, and send your empty one back. Genius right?

They are great, and you get to refill them. Apparently, “normal” shampoo has a lot of water in it.
I am never going back.

17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 24

Not so Zero Waste Deodorant but my favorite

It’s like zero waste toothpaste. They are weird.
I have to say the only deodorant I have been using for years now is the crystal deodorant that doesn’t smell like anything.
It comes in plastic packaging, but you can get refillable ones. However, they last for years. I only have to buy new ones because I tend to drop them and take a break. I love smelling like nothing or just my subtle human body odor. No sweat, of course. Give it a try. My wife is also a fan. And it is good for sensitive skin. Most deodorants have stuff in there that should touch your skin. Get the Crystal deodorant.

the humble co Biodegradable Cotton Swabs 100pk white 21
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 25

Cotton Swabs

I hardly use them, but my wife does it daily. I think for her eyeliner. But we decided to buy the Lastwab, which isn’t very good.
In fact, it is pointless and just a part of zero waste, where companies create products that no one needs.
That, to me, is the opposite of zero waste.
Sure, it’s made from recycled plastic, but we found it pretty useless. It just doesn’t seem to pick up the dirt in your ear or the makeup you are trying to remove.
So we are back to using bamboo cotton swabs.

redecker Wooden Afro Comb 1
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 26

Zero waste comb

See, I never comb my hair. Maybe it’s because it is thin and light and never gets into a messy state unless I don’t wash it. But my wife has hair that is curly and needs a comb to control the madness. She uses a bamboo comb which is sustainable and pretty nice looking. However, I found this redecker on earthhero, and since you get 10% off when you use the code ZEROWASTEMAN, you might as well get it here.

formulary 55 bath bomb 3 pack main
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 27

Bath Bomb

I am more of a shower guy, and I am still trying to get a water-reducing showerhead. But if you are into baths, like my wife and daughter, you might want to check out these bath bombs from Formulary 55.
Made from ground-dead sea salts and pure essential oils, these natural bath bombs are relaxing and soothing and provide an aromatherapy experience.

Bestowed essentials Natural Loofah Sponge
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 28

Loofah or zero waste sponge

When you are dirty, you need to scrub. I never enjoyed the plastic sponge thingy, but I love the natural loofah. They last forever; if you let them dry properly, you have them for years.
The best part is that they grow like this; isn’t mother nature amazing?

Learn more about The 9 best eco-friendly dish brushes to replace your plastic habit.

the humble co Fresh Mint Dental Floss 1
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 29

Zero waste floss

Did you know that as many as 700 million plastic floss containers are discarded yearly? And nearly none of these little containers will be recycled!
We have tried quite a few flosses; some are really thin, and others break into small strings. Some taste great, and others taste weird. Our personal winner is the humble co floss. It comes in a cardboard container. It tastes great and does the job it is supposed to do without leaving trash behind.

Earthy Ediths Bathroom Natural Cleaning Products 2
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 30

Zero waste cleaner

A lot of people use different cleaners. For the bath, for the shower, for the toilet, and one for the mirror. In truth, you can use the same cleaner for almost anything.

I wrote an article on how to make your own cleaner using white wine vinegar. But if you prefer to buy something, try this simple cleaner from Earthy Edith’s like the Natural Bathroom Cleaner is made from non-toxic ingredients like distilled water, organic essential oils, and distilled white vinegar – all safe, effective, and chemical-free.

817RF6 CnYL. SL1500
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 31

Zero waste toothbrush

The toothbrush received the biggest amount of hype in the past years. And to be fair. Roughly 3.5 billion brushes are sold worldwide each year, and plastic toothbrushes have been manufactured since the ’30s. So imagine the amount of discarded toothbrushes.
Thankfully there is bamboo, and I love my OLA toothbrush. It’s cheap and does a good job. What more can you want from a zero-waste toothbrush?
I still have an electric one since I bought it years ago. I am going to keep using it.

71Q3%2BURSv8L. SL1500
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 32


I get that this might surprise you, but I use apple cider vinegar in my hair to battle an itchy skull and dandruff. Once I use 1 part of vinegar and 2 parts of water and let it soak on my skull for 10 min, my itching is gone, and the dandruff disappears in a couple of days too. It smells strong, but it has been the best choice for me. Just wash it afterward with your nice zero-waste shampoo bar, and you won’t smell like you just put sauerkraut on your head 😉

divacup menstrual cup model 1 2
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 33

Menstrual Cup

Honestly, I don’t know what I am talking about here. I know that women can buy reusable menstrual cups and save a lot of waste. My wife bought one, and then we became pregnant, so she has never used it. But I read about it on other blogs, and yeah, why not give it a try? You can find the diva cup and the saalt cup on earthhero.

redecker Handcrafted Nail Brush 2
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 34

All the brushes in the world

It is easy to overlook these small items, such as a nail brush or hairbrush. But most can be purchased from natural materials such as wood or bamboo.
Every piece of plastic made over the last century is still present on our planet, so it makes sense to try replacing as much as possible with natural and sustainable products.

Tru Earth Review
17 simple swaps to have a zero waste bathroom 35

Zero-waste laundry detergent

I have written a review about the true earth laundry detergent here. This is by far the biggest threat to the environment. Plastic bottles!
More than 60 million are in landfills and incinerators daily, and only 7% worldwide is recycled.
The absolute best solution never to have to buy laundry detergent in plastic containers that are heavy and contain a lot of water is the tru earth strips. Get them delivered to your door. So easy and good for the planet and your clothes.

Lastly some thoughts on your zero-waste bathroom

The most important step to all of zero waste living is to become aware of what is made of plastic and what can be replaced with natural and sustainable alternatives.
Marketing is often not in our favor, and companies try the sneakiest tactics to get you to buy their products.
Check out my video about greenwashing.

What is Greenwashing | The Zerowasteman explains

If you thought this post was helpful, please consider sharing it on your favorite social media platform and let me know, did I forget something or do you have some questions regarding this lifestyle. Let me know in the comments below. Until then, your zerowasteman.

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