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17 sustainable Kids Clothing brands in 2023

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When choosing clothes for children, whether for personal use or as a gift, it is important to opt for sustainable kids clothing instead of fast fashion. This is because kids tend to outgrow their clothes quickly and are not as diligent in maintaining or caring for their clothing as adults are.

This is why it is necessary to get extra-durable clothes for active kids to be able to withstand dragging and skidding. And with how dirty they will probably be after a day full of activities, the cloth should be made from easily washable materials.

Another reason to take note of the material for your kid’s clothing is that some clothes are made with toxic chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin.

These chemicals can disrupt the hormone balance, cause cancer, and damage the nervous system. Choosing eco-friendly clothes for them is a good decision.

Considering these factors, some kid’s clothing brands have thought about how to make suitable kid’s clothes that solve all these problems.

This does not mean the children’s clothes will not be fashionable or comfortable; it just means the clothes will last long enough while being affordable and safe.

This article explains what sustainable kid’s clothing is, its benefits, and the best sustainable kid’s clothing.

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What is Sustainable Kid’s clothing?

Sustainable clothes are made with eco friendly materials like recycled materials or sustainably grown fiber crops. Sustainable kid’s clothing is made to fit a kid’s personality.

Sustainable clothes are affordable, durable, and made with non-toxic materials. Companies that make sustainable clothes do so to help the environment and are usually part of an initiative that finds ways to help the ecosystem.

Sustainable fashion started to reduce the effect fashion has on the environment and create awareness among coming producers and consumers on the use of eco-friendly fashion materials and items.

Benefits of Sustainable kid’s clothes

Sustainable kid’s clothing brands offer the following benefits.

  • Safe: Sustainable children’s clothing uses natural dyes and organic cotton to make the kid’s clothes, making them safe for kids to wear and keeping them away from harmful chemicals that can penetrate the skin.
  • Also, it saves the environment from pollution, as some clothes are made from recycled materials.
  • Durable: Clothes made from sustainable materials are more durable and last long despite the kid’s activities. They can also be passed down easily because of their durability. This saves you the cost of buying your kid’s clothes frequently.
  • Fair Labor Practices: Many sustainable brands are fair trade certified factories, and they protect their workers with fair labor practices, including fair working conditions, fair wages, and the like.

These are some of the best sustainable kids’ clothes brands below. This is true, but it doesn’t give much credibility. Why are they the best ones? You can write or reference some more authoritative websites.

1. Boody

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Img: Boody

For: Men, Women, Babies.

Material: Bamboo vscose

Labor Practices: FSC certified, Oeko tex

Shipping: Worldwide

Pros: The materials are breathable, silky soft, and comfortable. In addition, it has sun protection too.

Boody is a sustainable cloth brand for both kids and adults. They make underwear and clothes from sustainable bamboo.

If you buy from this brand, you can shop for your entire family because they have something for everyone.

It is one of the best sustainable clothing brands if you need a super soft material.

2. Tentree

BlackKidsOrganicCottonSweatpantsKCU3547 04511
Img: Tentree

For: Babies (0 – 5)

Material: Recycled polyester and organic cotton

Labor Practices: Forest restoration initiatives

Tentree is not only about providing ethical baby clothes but also about saving planet earth. For every purchase you make from Tentree, ten trees are planted.

They have a sustainable kids’ clothing line that makes organic baby clothing.

They make hoodies, sweats, and nature-inspired tees. All their products are made from sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester.

This helps to reduce waste, further saving the environment.

Apart from planting ten trees after every purchase, they have other initiatives to help the environment.

To ensure their mission is carried out, they partner with charitable organizations that carry out forest restoration and protection activities.

They sell clothes for children between the ages of 0 and 5 and make some of the best sustainable activewear for adults.

Forbes ranks it as one of the fashion companies leading in sustainability.

3. Pact

sustainable kids clothing
Img: Pact

For: Children

Material: Organic cotton, delivery with carbon offset

Labor Practices: Fair Trade Certified practices, GOTS certified organic cotton, cloth donation initiative

Pact is also a sustainable clothing brand whose main focus is to make eco-friendly kid’s clothing that is affordable.

Compared with other ethical children’s clothing brands, they are more affordable. To reduce the cost more, they sell sustainable basics in bulk.

Furthermore, you can donate your used clothes to nonprofits via Pact’s shipping box to reduce waste.

Pact is one of the most affordable clothing brands following global organic textile standards for their clothes.

According to Forbes, it is one of the fashion companies leading the way in sustainability.

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4. Patagonia

61146 FUZM
Img: Patagonia

For: Kids and adults

Material: Organic cotton

Labor Practices: Certified B Corp, Fairtrade Certified ethical production

Patagonia specializes in outdoor clothing and gear and has a mini-mate collection for kids and baby clothing.

Patagonia focuses on making highly durable wear, and they assure you of that by placing a guarantee on every one of their pieces.

Despite being so high-quality and durable, their wears are also very affordable. And when your kids get tired of the clothes, you can trade the used clothes instead of cluttering your home.

Best known for Kids’ outwear, pants, shirts, and gender-neutral shorts.

With over 150, it is rated as one of the highest-rated B-corp.

5. Mightly

17 sustainable Kids Clothing brands in 2023 17

For: Sustainable Kids clothing that ranges from 2T to 14.

Material: Organic fabrics

Labor Practices: GOTS certified

Despite being a sustainable brand, Mightly makes stylish clothes comfortable for kids. They have prints and patterns made from eco-friendly dyes and organic fabrics.

They are, and they ensure that their workers are in safe working conditions and have no child labor, and they only use eco-friendly materials in their manufacturing process.

Their clothes include tops, bottoms, underwear, pajamas, dresses, and toddler clothes.

They have stylish designs that are gender-neutral, and they are exactly what you will love for your kids.

6. Hanna Andersson

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Img: Hannah Andersson

For: Age 0 to 14

Material: Organic cotton low, impact dyes, and recycled plastic bottles

Labor Practices: Hanna Andersson is a popular brand known for ethically made children’s clothing. They are also known for organic pajamas you can get for the whole family.

They produce eco-friendly clothing for children ranging from 0 to 14. And they are popular for selling high-quality used clothes.

If you are looking for franchise-licensed products, look out for Hanna Andersson products. It was ranked among Forbes’ top sustainable kids clothing brands.

merry red organic corduroy overalls 248656 1200x1200
Img: Beya Made

For: 0 – 4T

Material: Organic linen and cotton

Beya Made not only solved the issue of the durability of children’s clothing, but they also solved the issue of their fast growth.

Their kid’s collection of clothes are durable, sustainable, and stain-resistant materials.

As the children grow older, the clothes will adjust to fit them. And being an ethical clothing brand does not limit its style. You will get all styles of clothing you are looking for, from dresses to pants to tops and rompers.

Forbes recognized it as a top kid’s sustainable clothing brand.

8. Parade Organics

img: parade

For: Babies and toddlers

Material: Soft organic cotton from India

Labor Practices: Global Organic Textile Standard

From: USA

Parade Organics make organic cotton clothes for babies and toddlers in cute and sweet patterns. They are popular for baby rompers and pajamas.

One of their best-selling items is their gown sleepers, the sleepers are soft enough for the baby’s skin, and they have an open bottom that makes it easy to change their diapers.

They started about 19 years ago, making them one of the first baby clothing companies in North America to use sustainable materials for their production process.

It is also the first brand to make underwear from carbon-neutral and recycled materials.

9. Under the Nile

lifestyle grey organic snuggle bunny ears baby toy 709e2c99 99da 48ff 97cb 3fc6d64d0eb2
img: underthenile

For: 0- 12m

Material: Oganic cotton

Labor Practices: Fairtrade-certified company

Under the Nile is not limited to baby’s clothing; they also make swaddles, toys, and similar baby products.

Their products are made from organic Egyptian cotton grown on biodynamic farms. They are a Fairtrade-certified company.

Under the Nile make organic cotton underwear in size 12m, which is rare, making them one of the few companies.

In addition, not only do Under the Nile limit themselves to sustainable clothes but also endure all their baby products made from organic materials!

They further impact the environment by employing uneducated people to sew, giving them a chance at a better life.

Under the Nile is the first baby sustainable clothing in the USA to be certified by GOTS.

10. Sustain by Kat

organic cotton long sleeve shirt blue swirl
img: sustainbykat

For: Women and kids

Material: Organic fibers, plant-produced dye

Labor Practices: GOTS

Sustain ensures that all their products are organic and healthy, from the organic fibers they use in making their clothes to the plants they use as a dye. Even their tags are as organic.

They decided on the clothing brand when they discovered that traditional manufacturing uses toxic chemicals that the skin could absorb.

They intend to reverse the global climate change by using organic materials. They also use pesticide-free plants and biodegradable materials for their products.

It was an exciting moment when they launched a kid’s line. The kid’s line also focuses on the babies’ skin type making it a perfect brand for mothers who want to save the environment.

It is a fast-growing brand with a good rating.

11. Myssyfarmi

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img: myssyfarmi

For: Adults and kids

Material: Organic wool

Labor Practices: Fairtrade labor practices

Myssyfarmi is a Finnish farm-based company that produces knitted hats with organic wool, and the wool is obtained from local Finnish sheep.

Their farm products are natural and original, making it easier to produce natural and organic products.

Their weather is mostly cool, which could be why they make the finest hats to keep you warm during winter.

The hats are cozy and cute, and the kids’ hats are stretchy, making it possible for your child to wear them for a long time.

Grandmas make hats, so when you patronize the brand, you are not only helping the ecosystem, you are helping grandmas stay busy doing what they love.

Do not stop getting one for yourself; get one for your kids and spouse. There is a nice fit for everyone.

Missyfarmi is on a fast track to the world.

12. Frugi


For: Babies, nursing mothers, pregnant women.

Material: Recycled materials, organic cotton

Labor Practices: GOTS cotton

Frugi is one of the most stylish sustainable clothing brands. They make organic cotton clothing for the whole family.

You can get everyday clothing, swimwear, outerwear, and even rubber boots. And all these products are made from GOTS organic cotton and recycled materials.

They did not exclude women from their collection; they have maternity clothing for nursing mothers and twinning styles.

Thanks to their playful and cute styles, children easily fall in love with their wear. Get an item for yourself and your children.

Frugi is the UK leading brand for sustainable clothes.

13. Jackals

ash pants anthracite jackalo 2 ef3b8e92 eaf0 4fcf bc29 e6dd52ac392d 5000x
img: jackalo

For: Kids between

Material: Deadstock Organic cotton

Labour Practices: GOTS and Tradefair

Jacckalo is perfect for a mother with active children. If you want to get new clothes that would withstand the children’s activities, from crawling, jumping, skidding, and climbing, go for Jackalo, and it is made for that.

The clothes are made with organic cotton, and they are gender-neutral. Extra reinforcement is made at the pant knees to act as reinforcement for the kid’s activities.

Children’s rapid growth was considered, which is why Jackalo has a Tradeup program.

As your children outgrow their Jackalo piece, you can send it back to get a $15 discount on your next purchase.

The company will wash and repair the used piece of clothing you sent back. The company will resell it at a discounted price if it looks good. And if it can not be sold, the company will upcycle or recycle it.

It is one of the best sustainable kids’ clothing brands practicing Ethical Fashion.

14. Little Lentil Clothing

img: littlelentilclothing

For: Kids and Adults

Material: Organic cotton

Labour Practices: Fair labor practices

Little Lentil Clothing wants to ensure sustainable living for all, so they manufacture eco-friendly products for all categories of people.

Their clothes are made with GOTS-certified organic cotton, low-impact dyes, and high-quality materials.

To make the work a better place, they partnered with 1%, and they donated a percentage of their profit to environmental causes.

Another of their sustainability initiative is the trading of your children’s used clothes.

When you are no longer using the clothes, send them back, and you will get a 20% discount on your next order.

Little Lentil Clothing is highly recommended to new mothers.

15. The Good Tee

The Good Tee Shoot Edits 7 compressed final b0b68d5f 791a 498c 8f47
img: thegoodtee

For: Kids and adults

Material: Organic cotton

If you are looking for organic cotton t-shirts, The Good Tee is the right brand to buy from.

Even though they have limited stocks, you can get t-shirts, tops, and customizable tees for your family.

Also, they offer tie-dye kits made from eco friendly dyes. If you want an intimate family moment, get the tie-dye kits and blank tees from The Good Tee, and then have a good time customizing your tees.

And if you do not have the time, get their adult tees or the tie-dye matching tees.

It is one of the best sustainable clothing brands for tees.

16. Ace & Jig

KIDS PIECED DAISY DRESS CAKE b9c77649 211d 49c0 a718
img: ace&jig

For: Adults and kids

Material: Woven textiles

Labour Practices: Fairtrade practices, Employing at-risk women

After years of experience working in the fashion industry, the founders (two women) of Ace and Jig decided to build their brand.

They decided on creating fabrics from yarn-dye woven textiles while focusing on making them colorful and pattern-rich.

The brand has partners in India who help them create custom textiles and ensure that they go with fair trade practices to the employees.

The fabrics are seasonless collections meaning you can wear them all year round regardless of the season.

We design our yarn-dye woven textiles focusing on color, pattern, and texture to create fabrics that bring joy! from these. We develop seasonless collections of clothing, accessories, and home items.

They also care about minimizing environmental footprints, so they try to reduce garbage by using the remaining materials to create other items like scrunchies, masks, quilts, and the like.

The Ace and Jigs also employ at-risk women to help with special projects, and they donate to environmental and human rights initiatives.

Ace & Jig already has many obsessed customers, and they keep gaining more with each new release.

17. Infantium Victoria

InfantiumVictoria Yellow Cotton T
img: infantiumvictoria

For: Kids and Babies

Material: Vegan wool, organic wool

From: Germany

This is a German brand that offers vegan clothing for kids and babies. All their products come with the details of what it was made from, mostly GOTS-certified cotton and vegan wool. And it is not only details about the clothes, but also about the accessories.

They also detail where the materials were grown, woven, sewn, and sold, how much time was put into making each cloth, and the country it was made in.

They also have a section for used items to be sold to reduce textile waste.

Infantinum Victoria has an excellent rating overall.


Fashion production causes up to 10% of carbon emission pollution, so it is good that more fashion brands are more environmentally conscious and produce sustainable clothes.

Moreso, sustainable children’s clothing is made to be more durable and safe.

You can choose from any sustainable kids’ cloth brands stated above, and you can learn more about a sustainable brand by asking about their production process. Choose an eco-friendly cloth for your kids above fashion-tight clothing.

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