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The best 8 organic yoga Clothing for him and her in 2023

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Definition and Significance of Organic Yoga Clothing

Picture yourself in a serene yoga studio, surrounded by fellow yogis, all dressed in comfortable and stylish yoga wear. Now, imagine that the fabric against your skin is not only super soft, and breathable but also free from harmful chemicals and made using sustainable practices.

Welcome to the world of the best organic yoga clothing! Organic yoga clothing refers to garments specifically designed for yoga practice that are made from organic materials.

These materials are derived from plants grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This means that the crops used to create these all natural fibers and fabrics, are cultivated using natural methods such as crop rotation and composting.

The significance of the best organic yoga clothing lies in its commitment to both our well-being and the environment. By choosing organic and natural materials for our yoga wear, we opt for a healthier alternative that reduces our exposure to harmful substances.

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Traditional non-organic fabrics often contain traces of chemicals used during cultivation or manufacturing processes, which can irritate sensitive skin or trigger allergies. In contrast, organic fabrics are hypoallergenic and gentle on your body.

Here are my favorite picks For organic yoga clothing

1. PrAna

Best Look

2. Tentree

Best Style

3. Boody

Best Bamboo

4. Patagonia

Best Company

Benefits of Choosing Organic Materials for Yoga Wear

When it comes to practicing yoga or pilates, comfort is paramount. Organic materials offer numerous benefits over their conventional counterparts – benefits that will enhance your practice both physically and mentally. Firstly, organic fabrics like cotton provide excellent breathability.

They allow air circulation while wicking away moisture efficiently – perfect for those intense hot yoga sessions where you break a sweat like never before! By keeping your body cool and dry, these fabrics prevent discomfort caused by excessive perspiration.

Secondly, organic materials often display superior softness compared to synthetic alternatives. The smooth texture of natural fibers not only feels delightful against your skin but also provides maximum flexibility during various poses.

Whether you’re attempting a challenging inversion or holding a gentle restorative pose, the suppleness of organic yoga clothing will support your movements without restriction. Additionally, choosing organic yoga wear supports sustainable practices.

Organic farmers harness natural processes to cultivate crops, reducing soil erosion and conserving water resources. By opting for sustainable materials like bamboo or hemp, you contribute to the preservation of our planet’s delicate ecosystem.

It’s a small yet powerful step towards creating a greener future. Now that we’ve delved into the definition and significance of the best organic yoga clothing let’s explore the different types of organic and natural fabrics used in these garments and how they benefit yogis like you and me.

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Here are the Best Brands in the Organic Yoga Clothing Market

1. PrAna

Prana is a sustainable outdoor clothing brand that is committed to creating stylish, high-performance apparel that is good for the planet and the people who wear it.

The company offers a wide range of products, including leggings, tops, bras, shorts, pants, jackets, and climbing gear.

This sustainable fashion company makes stylish and practical clothes. They’re carefully designed for comfort and functionality. Focusing on sustainable production and eco friendly fabrics, their clothing accompanies you on your journey through life.

They have third-party bluesign® certification, which tracks manufacturing from start to finish to ensure harmful chemicals are not used.

Img: PrAna

Labor Practices: Their Goal is to have all of their products made in 100% Fair Trade Factories by 2028 and they are well on their way.

Values: They promote Animal welfare and practice responsible packaging. They have partnered with 5 Gyres and many more to further create a positive work environment and sustainable business practices.

Materials: Tencel, Lyocell, Recycled Polyster, Organic Cotton, Recycled Wool, Repreve, Econyl

Location: California, USA

Price Range: $14.50 – $450

Size range: XXS – XXL

2. Patagonia

When it comes to environmentally conscious brands and high-performance activewear, Patagonia is a true pioneer in the industry. Known for its commitment to reducing environmental impact, Patagonia goes above and beyond when it comes to producing high-quality organic yoga clothing.

Their product line includes a wide variety of organic yoga wear made from sustainable materials like recycled polyester and organic cotton.

Moreover, Patagonia ensures that all their products meet strict quality standards so that yogis can feel confident in both the comfort and longevity of their purchases. But what truly sets Patagonia apart is its unique approach to corporate responsibility.

The brand actively advocates for environmental causes and supports grassroots organizations working towards sustainability. Through their “Worn Wear” initiative, Patagonia encourages consumers to repair and recycle their clothing, extending the lifespan of their products and reducing waste further.

Img: Patagonia

Labor Practices:  Their Fair Labor Association accreditation adds another layer of assurance and transparency to their social responsibility program.

Values: 1% for the Planet, Worn Wear Recycling Program, B Corp

Materials: Tencel, Lyocell, Recycled Polyster, Organic Cotton, Recycled Wool, Repreve, Econyl

Location: California, USA

Price Range: $59 – $600

Size range: XXS – XXL

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3. Manduka

Manduka is a brand that knows how to cater to the diverse needs of yogis. With a wide range of organic options in their product line, Manduka has become synonymous with high-quality yoga clothes and mats that meet the demands and styles of various practices.

From classic organic yoga pants to supportive sports bras, Manduka offers an extensive selection of organic yoga clothing suitable for practitioners at any level.

While they offer recycled materials, they still use virgin-sourced synthetics to make some of their products, so check to make sure you get the sustainable version.

manduka yoga clothing
Img: Manduka

Labor Practices: Unknown

Values: I can’t find much apart from the made for good page.

Materials: Recycled Polyester, Organic Cotton, Plant-Based Materials.

Location: USA

Price Range: $ – $450

Size range: XS-XL for Women and S – XL for Men

4. Boody

Boody is the go-to brand for sustainable and form-fitting yoga apparel. Their eco-friendly clothing offers style and comfort for yogis of all shapes and sizes. From leggings to sports bras, Boody’s organic options provide unrestricted movement during your yoga sessions.

Their remarkable bamboo fabric is not only sustainable but also breathable and soft, offering a luxurious feel against your skin. Boody’s commitment to sustainability extends to ethical manufacturing practices, ensuring fair treatment and wages for workers.

I also have a pair of ethically made underwear from Boody. If you’re interested in discovering the perfect ethical underwear to suit your needs, feel free to explore our guide on the best ethical underwear for men.

Mens Active Muscle Tee Black
Img: Boody

Labor Practices: Certain stages of its supply chain, particularly the final production phase, are accredited by the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP). Its Code of Conduct adheres to the principles of the ILO Four Fundamental Freedoms. While it can trace the majority of its supply chain, evidence is lacking regarding its commitment to providing living wages for its supply chain staff.

Values: Boody employs low-waste cutting methods to optimize fabric utilization. A closed-loop system is implemented to minimize water usage throughout its supply chain. As for packaging, it incorporates recycled materials. However, there isn’t any substantial proof that it’s making significant strides to curtail its effects on the climate.

Materials: Organic Cotton, Bamboo and recycled nylon. Boody products are certified by Ecocert, FSC, PETA, and Oeko-Tex, further demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Price Range: $25 – $100

Size range: XS – XL for Women and S – XL for Men

5. Pact

I have been a big supporter of Pact for a while now. Their commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices has made them a trusted choice for yogis and ethical fashion fans. Pact offers diverse organic clothing options, from tops to the most comfortable underwear for men.

Their garments are made from certified organic cotton, ensuring they’re free from harmful chemicals and gentle on your skin. The brand also partners with Fair Trade USA, Global Organic Textile Standard, and SimpliZero to ensure ethical labor practices and environmental sustainability.

Their yoga apparel provides optimal flexibility and support, allowing for unrestricted movement and a comfortable fit. I love my pact clothing and if you want to create a capsule wardrobe with this minimalist clothing brand, check them out.

pact sweatpants
Img: Pact

Labor Practices: Fair Trade USA empowers workers and provides safe working conditions, community support, and additional development funds. 

Values: Through their partnership with SimpliZero, they now offset the impacts of each Pact product through reforestation, renewable energy, and community projects that sequester their carbon footprint.

Materials: Most of their products are made using GOTS-certified organic cotton butt. You will find a small percentage of synthetic fibers in the leggings for women, otherwise, they won’t stretch very well.

Location: Colorado USA

Price Range: $20 – $90

Size range: XS – XL for Women and S – XL for Men

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6. Pangaia

Pangaia stands out as a leading brand for sustainable innovation in yoga apparel.

With a diverse product line, including organic cotton yoga pants and leggings for men, and even blazers, Pangaia offers fashion-forward garments made with sustainable materials. Their innovative approach incorporates recycled and bio-based alternatives like seaweed fibers and organic cotton, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Pangaia also prioritizes ethical manufacturing practices, ensuring responsible production. Their designs combine functionality with trendiness, allowing yogis to express themselves on and off the mat.

Activewear pangaia
Img: Pangaia

Labor Practices: It traces most of its supply chain, including all of the final stages of production. 

Values: They plant a tree for each item sold and further support two main funds for giving back – the Tomorrow Tree and Bee The Change. Certified B-Corp.

Materials: Organic cotton, recycled materials, and they get quite innovative with some bio-based materials such as their C-fiber and many more.

Location: Europe

Price Range: $30 – 250

Size range: XXS – XXL

7. TenTree

Tentree has been one of my go-to brands for a while now. Not only do I like the positive impact I can make by planting ten trees for every purchase I make, but they make stylish high, quality clothing and, yes also, organic yoga clothing for men and women.

Take comfort in knowing that your wardrobe staples are performance-tested, soft-to-touch, breathable, and odor-controlled, thanks to cutting-edge green technology.

tentree sustainable clothes for men
Img: Tentree

Labor Practices:  It sources its final stage of production from countries with extreme risk of labor abuse, yet the Code of Conduct ledger says this is not the case in their supply chain.

Values: They are a Certified B-Corp with manufacturing partners certified by WRAP, BSCI, SA8000, and the Fair Wear Foundation.

Materials: They use Tencel, Modal and recycled materials and even coconut shells to make some of their buttons.

Location: Canada

Price Range: $24 – $180

Size range: XS-XL for women and S – XXL for men.

8. Green Yoga Shop

Like the name says Green Yoga Shop is more a place for eco friendly yoga brands to hang out and sell their clothes and Greenyogashop has been curating high-quality yoga and mindfulness products for over a decade.

Now, they stock over 2,500 products from about 100 brands, all embodying sustainability and fair production.

The team at Greenyogashop emphasizes the importance of sustainability, mindfulness, community, transparency, honesty and responsibility.

They aim to create sustainable alternatives and directly support small sustainable labels and projects through purchasing decisions.

Img:Green Yoga Shop

Values: They launched ContinuOM Collective with Bausinger and Kurma, an initiative aimed at finding sustainable solutions for recycling materials that are difficult to repurpose, such as yoga mats.



Price Range: $ – $

Size range: XXS – XXL

Buy Here

Choosing the Right Organic Yoga Clothes

organic yoga clothing

Breathability and Moisture-Wicking Properties

When it comes to shopping and choosing the perfect organic yoga clothing, one cannot underestimate the importance of breathability and moisture-wicking properties. As you gracefully flow through your yoga practice, your body generates heat and perspiration.

That’s where these magical properties come into play. Organic fabrics such as bamboo and hemp excel in allowing air to circulate, keeping you cool even during intense sessions.

In addition, they possess natural moisture-wicking abilities that draw sweat away from your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout your practice. So kiss goodbye to those sticky yoga moments and embrace the heavenly feel of breathable organic fabrics against your skin.

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Comfort, Flexibility, and Stretchability

Yoga is all about finding balance both inside and outside of our bodies. To achieve that zen state on the mat, it’s crucial to choose organic yoga clothing that prioritizes comfort, flexibility, and stretchability.

Look for garments with a blend of organic fabrics like cotton or bamboo mixed with a touch of elastane or spandex for added stretch. This combination ensures ease of movement without any restrictions while maintaining their shape over time.

The softness of organic cotton will caress your skin with every asana while still providing enough support for those challenging poses. So whether you’re flowing through sun salutations or holding a deep stretch in Warrior II, let comfort be your guiding light while embracing eco-friendly materials.

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Caring for Your Organic Yoga Clothing

Using natural detergents without harsh chemicals

Taking care of your organic yoga clothing is essential to ensure its longevity and maintain its eco-friendly properties. When it comes to washing your precious organic yoga clothes you wear, opt for natural detergents that are free from harsh chemicals.

Traditional laundry detergents often contain synthetic fragrances toxic chemicals, dyes, and optical brighteners that can be detrimental to the organic fabric’s integrity. Instead, look for plant-based detergents or those specifically designed for delicate fabrics.

These gentle cleansers are milder on the fibers and won’t leave behind any chemical residues that could irritate your skin during a sweaty yoga session. Natural alternatives like soap nuts or liquid castile soap are also excellent options as they are biodegradable and non-toxic. For more investigation read Tru Earth VS Earth Breeze.

Air-drying or using low-heat settings to preserve fabric quality

When it comes to drying your organic yoga clothing, avoid using high heat settings in the dryer as this can cause shrinkage and damage the fibers. Instead, opt for air-drying your clothes whenever possible. Allow your garments to hang dry on a clothesline or drying rack, taking advantage of natural airflow to dry them gently.

If you’re in a rush and need faster drying time, use low-heat settings on your dryer. This will minimize any potential heat damage while still efficiently evaporating moisture from the fabric.

It’s also best to turn your garments inside out before placing them in the dryer to protect their colors and prints from fading. Proper storage is just as crucial as washing and drying when it comes to caring for your organic yoga clothing.

Thoughtful storage tips for preserving fabric quality

To keep your organic yoga wear at its best condition, consider these thoughtful storage tips:

  1. Fold rather than hanging: Folding instead of hanging is ideal for most organic fabrics, as it prevents stretching or misshaping.
  2. Avoid sunlight exposure: Direct sunlight can fade colors and weaken fibers over time.
  3. Separate from other clothing: To prevent snagging or pilling, keep your organic yoga pants and wear separate from items with zippers, hooks, or accessories that could potentially damage the delicate fabric.

However, if you prefer to hang your garments, use padded hangers to reduce the stress on the fabric.

Store your organic yoga pants and clothing in a cool, dark place to preserve their vibrancy and overall quality.

Remember that proper care and storage practices will not only extend the life of your organic yoga clothing but also contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. By adopting these tips into your routine, you’ll ensure that your eco-friendly apparel stays in prime condition while supporting our planet’s well-being.


In the world of organic yoga clothing, exploring niche subtopics like upcycled fabrics and recycled polyester blends reveals the immense potential for environmental impact reduction without compromising style or performance. This exciting evolution demonstrates that sustainability can blend seamlessly with innovation and creativity.

By supporting brands committed to using recycled materials, we not only contribute to a greener planet but also inspire others to make conscious choices in their own yoga apparel selections. Embracing eco-friendly alternatives not only enhances our practice but also allows us to make positive changes and feel good about the positive changes we are making in the world—one mindful breath at yoga class at a time.

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