21 Zero Waste Gift Ideas for the Eco-friendly Consumer


Psst.: This list of zero waste gift ideas contains affiliate links. If you buy something, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Also, I partnered with Earthhero, and if you use the code ZEROWASTEMAN at checkout, you get 10% off

Gifting can be difficult; at least, I often get stuck with either too many ideas or none at all. That’s why we here at zerowasteman decided to make it easier for you and come up with a list of eco-friendly gifts for him and her, oh and not to forget the little one and the four-legged friend.

I am so excited to have partnered with earthhero because they have such a good mission and intention for us and the planet. If you have never heard of them; here is a little recap:

Who is Earthhero

We exist to make sustainable shopping so easy everyone does it.

Earth Hero Founder Ryan Lewis

Earthhero is a proud member of

1% for the planet
certified b corp
carbon free

Basically, they are on a mission to become the green eco-friendly version of Amazon. I am so excited to see so many amazing brands on their website already, and the list is constantly growing.

Over 4000+ products from 165+ brands and growing.

The packaging is plastic free and as minimal as it can be packaged without damaging the goods. I really like that each product has easy to identify logos that explain what good the company is doing for the planet.

Artists Series

For example 10tree would have the logo for

  • planting trees
  • using recycled material
  • organic cotton
  • sustainable manufacturing and so on, you get the idea.

It just makes it super easy for you to shop at values that matter to you.

Ok, enough about earthhero and their amazing mission lets dive into some zero waste gifts for this holiday season.

Eco friendly gift guide

If you are new to the green gifting thing or zero waste lifestyle, perhaps starting with some zero waste kits is a good start.

Perhaps evaluate what it is that your friends and loved ones really need. The one thing you want to avoid is that your gifts end up in storage boxes in the garage and will never be used.

A good one is always to ask if they are looking to support companies that are planting trees, saving animals, keeping the ocean clean, or protecting natural lands?

Are they moving towards using more natural products, or are they transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle?

Knowing some of these details will make your gift a bit more memorable, more special, and definitely more useful.

For those looking to get a first taste of the zero waste lifestyle, the zero waste living box is an ideal place to start.

This eco-friendly gift box bundle includes everything you need to tackle plastic in your home. Earthhero has done the legwork for you, so you don’t need to. It is the perfect zero waste gift idea to start reducing waste at your home.

All products are made from ethical, mindful, and eco-friendly materials and BPA and plastic-free ingredients. This is a great zero waste gift to introduce some loved ones to this healthy lifestyle.

If you prefer to spend a bit less, then perhaps the zero waste starter kit with Kathryn Kellogs from goingzerowaste.com book 101 ways to go zero waste is a good place to get your creativity rolling. Perfect for the

Reading about the zero waste lifestyle and understanding why it is so important for your health and the planet’s health is the best place to start and puts you in charge.

Have a look around earthhero.com and see for yourself. Find out where the products are made, and learn about the companies behind them. There are so many cool ways to do good, and it is so easy now. All you need to do is click a couple of buttons.

What a time to be alive!

For the cook

Popular in juice markets all over Mexico, the Artisan Citrus Juicer from Verve Culture is a countertop citrus juicer that will compete with any electric juicer! Made from 100% recycled aluminum in two sizes for different citrus types, this manual fruit juicer extracts every drop of juice while collecting seeds and pulp in the strainer. 

Reusable Bees Wax Wraps are a must-have in every zero waste kitchen. They replace your old cling wrap, smell nice, and are easy to clean. Our last pair is around two years old, and I only had to rewax them once. It is time for new ones now, but I am very impressed with how well they survived.

They easily mold around bowls and fruit, veggies and nuts anything that you want to keep fresh longer.

Make your Own Reusable Bees Wax Wrap is an article as part of the 31 days to zero waste challenge.

This thing can save you so much squeezing work; it’s not even funny. The best part is made of recycled aluminum. If you have a little cut in your hand, it won’t matter because you can still squeeze lemons or lime without getting the juice over your hands.

For the loved one that is always grinding spices in a noisy blender, this is the best way to grind your spices, in my opinion. They not only look good in your kitchen but help keep things simple. (No cables) 😋

The best part you are not ingesting any microplastic when grinding your herbs or seeds.

Zero Waste Gift Ideas for the Relaxer and Stretcher

This bamboo bathrobe from Ettitude is made from 100% organic bamboo lyocell. Its bamboo = super comfy, and this time of the year, I could live in this thing all day long. It has pockets and is antibacterial and breathable. Perfect for him and her.

I got my wife a cork yoga mat last year, and she loves it. They are so much better than the plastic version because apparently, you inhale the toxins from your yoga mat, and who wants that when doing your exercise.

Socks that Stop Violence Against Women

I love conscious steps and have mentioned them throughout my blog, and yes, they are not completely plastic-free, as they have some nylon mix in the socks, and if you really care, you would wash them in the guppyfriend bag. However, with every purchase, you are supporting a good cause

Perfect for getting out of your bed in the morning or coming out of the shower. These slippers got you. Kyrgies uses low-impact dyes, and the leather is tanned without chrome or chromium, so you never have to worry about pesky chemicals lurking in your shoes. 

Rose Gold Gemstone Facial Roller

Do you know how you can really get some browny points with your woman? Give her a massage and make her feel like a queen. In fact, try and do that all the time, and with this facial roller, you can really make her know that she is your Queen.

To shave or not to shave, is it really a question? Or to reduce the need of razor blades pilling up our landfills.

I actually own two reusable safety razors. The leaf and this one. Both are fantastic razors, and each fulfills its purpose. The Albatross is made from 100% high-polished stainless steel resistant to corrosion, and it features a butterfly style opening that is easy to insert replacement blades into.

Gifts for the Adventurer and Out door lover

What a unique looking back made from recycled materials car seatbelt and upcycled bike tubes. It is waterproof and just good looking. You can fit your daily basics in here and look stylish. Definitely, one of my favorite zero waste gift ideas; what is your take on this one?

Here we got a backpack made from lightweight recycled materials, and this bag is both earth-friendly and versatile! It conveniently stuffs into a built-in pocket for travel. 15-liter capacity, and when you have had enough of this bag, just send it back, and Chico bag will make something new out of it.

The Bureo Skate board deck made from recycled fishing nets.

Who doesn’t want to own a skateboard made from discarded fishing nets? I love Bureo and its mission. They even make the coolest looking Yenga tower ever made. What a great gift for anyone. Did you know that fishing nets are the biggest problem in the ocean, killing wildlife years after being discarded?

For the Tech nerd

Want to charge your phone on style? Look no further than this Handcrafted from FSC Certified solid oak or walnut wood charging dock. Keep your electronics tidy and good looking with this zero waste gift idea.

3 Day Portable Charger

Oh yeah, and if you are on the move a lot, you might want to get this portable charger made from bioplastic and recycled materials. 10000 mAh USB-C input and output, and it charges 80% in 30 min.

zero waste gift speaker

No Bounds Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Need a new portable speaker that is also waterproof? Made from sustainable post-consumer recycled materials like cork, aluminum, and silicone, this travel-friendly speaker is dust-proof, waterproof, and can even float! It charges in less then two hours.

Pela Compostable Apple Watch Band

We all know Pela for their compostable Phone cases, but did you know that they make compostable apple watch bands? Yep, if you have an apple watch, why not get this nice accessory. Ensure when you are done with your watch to recycle the watch and barry the band in your compost. Let me know how it goes.

Zero Waste Gift ideas for our Four-legged Friends

Why not give your pet a gift for Christmas? Especially when it is made from eco-friendly materials. Your dog or cat will love this cozy bed.

Best way to keep microplastics out of your dog’s digestive system by having them play with this toy.

Enjoy a friendly game of puppy tug o’ war with the Eco Tugger Dog Toy by Honest Pet Products! Made simply with the planet in mind, this non-toxic, earth-friendly, 100% natural hemp rope will stand up to even the toughest of chewers. Two length options mean dogs of all sizes can take part in the fun!

Alright, I could go on forever with my list of zero waste gift ideas from earthhero but let me stop here. Make sure to use the code ZEROWASTEMAN at checkout to receive your 10% off.

And have a happy holiday. Remember less is more. 😉

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