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2023’s Most Unique and Innovative Solar Gadgets

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Let’s dive into the unique world of solar gadgets

I have always had a love for gadgets. Yes, it is something that has multiple uses and can make our lives easier. Oh, and how about green gadgets or, in this case, solar gadgets?

Isn’t it fascinating how we humans figured out how to harvest sunlight and turn it into a currency we can use to charge devices that run on electricity? The best part is that the industry is getting better and better at this, and solar panels are becoming cheaper and more useful.

But there is a dark side to solar power, according to a documentary I watched called Planet of the Humans.

More about that later, but first, let’s dive into some of the best solar-powered gadgets to improve your life.

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1. GoSun Solar Cooker

This is taking the solar cooker to a new dimension. The GoSun Solar Oven actually works even without sunlight since you can use your 12v car charging port or a battery bank to run it. Design meets technology. This thing isn’t cheap at USD 419, but with its all-weather technology and its patented solar cooking technology, you are definitely going to be the zero-waste camping champion.

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2. GoSun Solar Cooler

These guys’ website has me blown away from this super cool-looking solar-powered cooler to even a picnic table that acts as a large solar panel and charges your devices while being sturdy and protected enough to cut your veggies on top of the solar panel.

But the Chillest, that’s actually the name of the cooler, is amazing; while not being the cheapest cooler on the market, coming in at USD 549, this is definitely something for the gadget lover with a deep pocket. But oh my, is this thing well-designed?

It doesn’t need ice, so no more soggy food. It can hold 60 beer cans, which is impressive, and it even has a compartment to freeze and one to chill. You can run it with their go sun solar bank from your 12v plug in the car or attach the solar table mentioned before. It’s sturdy, has a holder for your Bluetooth speaker and can bring the temperature down to -20 or plus 20.

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3. Goal Zero Power Station

How about a backup power bank for your entire home? Just in case someone decides to turn the power off. Goalzero has been creating power banks and solar chargers for quite some time now, and you can find them in any size according to your needs. If you want to go camping and need a smaller 600-watt output unit or something that can ensure your house is still going to be okay when there is a power outage. Goal Zero has got your back. Of course, they all come with different size solar panels.


4. Solar Charged Jacket

Yes, you read that right. Volleback has developed a solar charging Jacket that glows in the dark like a firefly. Why would you need such a gadget? Perhaps when you are out hiking alone, and you might need to reach someone’s attention, you can point your torch or phone light on the jacket, and it will start glowing. It is a weird but cool solar gadget.

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5. Solar-powered Hat

At Solsolhat the guys have taken design and functionality to a new level. They integrated a solar panel into the shield of your cap with a USB port at the back. Brilliant but dorky. I asked if you could still bend the shield, but I am waiting for their response. I think it is a cool idea, but I don’t see myself wearing it.

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6. Portable solar panels

This one has to be on the list of solar gadgets since it took a while for solar panels to be portable and even flexible. Now you can easily get portable solar panels from companies like goalzero, gosun, anker and ecoflow to charge up your smartphone, or if you go big, they can even act as a power bank in case of power outages.

However, the smaller solar panels are built to withstand harsh temperatures, are water resistant and are flexible enough to be wrapped around your backpack when you are on a hike.

solar garden light

7. Solar-powered garden lights and more

I am sure you have seen these solar-powered garden lights, but did you know they come in lots of different sizes and shapes? Now you can even make your fence shine in the dark. There are literally no limits to making outdoor lighting with a tiny solar panel on top.

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8. Solar Blinds

Solargaps is the company behind this innovation, and what they have created is a window blind that has solar panels all along one side of the blind. Meaning when you want to keep the sunlight out, and you close your blinds, they are harvesting clean energy.

It comes with an app that allows you to control the blinds and allow more or less light in. They come with a converter that converts directly into alternating current so you can use all your devices like you normally would.

The only thing I find a bit strange is that these solar blinds have to be installed on the outside of your window, making them more vulnerable to the elements. But they come with a 2-year of warranty and a 10-year min lifespan warranty. While the actual panels come with a 25-year lifespan and are self-cleaning.

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9. Solar Window

This has got to be the most exciting new technology currently coming to the market. The company solarwindow technologies are creating something called liquid electricity. It is a coating that can be applied to existing windows with different tints of see-through.

It can basically turn any window into a solar panel. Since major cities have big skyscrapers covered in glass, these can be turned into solar farms that can produce clean energy from the sun and, according to solarwindow tech, can create up to 30% of clean energy for a building.

This film can be applied to plastic and glass. Imagine the amount of glass we have in cities and even in your own house.

A single building installation can avoid 2.2 million miles of CO2 vehicle pollution, 12-times more than conventional solar.

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10. Mpowered Luci Light

These awesome inflatable lights by Mpowered have been one of my favorites for a long time. They come in lots of different styles and sizes with options from SOS light to now even USB ports and speakers that change lights. What I love about them is that they are collapsible and make for a super cute camp light.

The newer models now come with a USB port to charge your phone. Another thing worth mentioning is that they are easily fixable. I, for instance, had a hole in one and was able to just super glue the hole. My light must be like 7 years old and still works fine. They also donate light to people that don’t have access to power at night.

solar powered bike light

11. Solar bike light set

How many of us would love to ditch the batteries that you have to buy for all those little devices, like remote controls and well bike lights?

Thanks to Mpowered, they have just released the first solar-powered bike light set, which looks super sleek and, on a single charge, lasts up to 15 hours on the front light and 3 hours on the taillight. The minimalistic design connects both lights into one big charger. It comes with silicon straps that work easily on any bike.

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12. Lifepack Backpack

This gotta be something for the digital nomads out there, myself included. At first, I thought hmm, this looks pretty plain and simple except for the little window in the back. But at a closer look, I understood that it is designed a little more plainly for security reasons.

The Lifepack Backpack is packed with a solar bank that is constantly charged when you are walking around on a sunny day with your solar backpack on. it has lots of little pockets and compartments to stow away all of your electronic devices like laptops, tablets, hard drives, cables and more. It even has a couple of secret pockets for a passport and credit card, and you can lock everything up and even tie it to a park bench if you want.

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13. Solar-powered Bluetooth Speakers

ABFOCE Solar Bluetooth Speaker with a full charge this speaker will last 60h, and every 10 minutes, it gets charged from the sunlight adding another half n hour of playtime to your musical enjoyment. That is one cool solar gadget.

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14. Solar powered Keyboard

Yes, Logitech created the K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard actually all the way back in 2012. It is designed to charge in very low light, so you don’t necessarily have to place it in direct sunlight. Also, the battery inside the keyboard can hold a charge for up to 3 months, so I think you are good.

According to Linus Tech Tips, it is a solid-build keyboard with all the keys in the right place. The keys have a good amount of travel and are sold out on Logitech. I am wondering if they are going to stock this solar gadget again. How about using rechargeable batteries to power your keyboard? They could even be charged by sunlight, like these guys

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