16 Best Affordable and Sustainable Clothing Brands For Men

Sustainable and ethical fashion brands aren’t always easy to find at a great price.

However, they do exist.

Like the Socks that give back article so brilliantly outlines.

When I first started my research about the best affordable and sustainable clothing brands for men, I wanted to find companies that reduce my environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Still, I was afraid that my wallet wouldn’t allow it!
Of course, you can always go thrift store shopping; that is probably the best way to keep your carbon footprint small.

Nevertheless, I have curated this list of some of my favorite sustainable men’s clothing and ethical fashion brands.

No, I haven’t tried them all, but I did my research and honestly say they are the best for earth-friendly materials, recycled clothes made from plastic bottles, high-quality items, and sustainable practices. These are important criteria for me when researching ethical brands, and one of my go-to tools is the goodonyou.eco app.

Now affordability and sustainability always come with a higher price tag than your Walmart or H&M clothing; there is no way to sustainable source materials and be ethical about it simply because everybody needs to be paid fairly.

I don’t own many clothes, and my wife loves thrift stores. But occasionally, you need a new item, and you might as well invest in something made from high-quality material that supports ethical fashion.

I have some brand deals, making it evident that you get your savings through the zerowasteman website.
So without further ado, happy shopping.

1. Patagonia

patagonia Affordable And Sustainable Clothing Brands

For: Men and Women

Category: Clothing created with adventure and sports in mind for people who want to make a statement.

Value: Recycled, Give Back, Organic, B corp, 1% for the planet.

From: USA, California

Shipping: Worldwide

Cost: $$$

Of course, I had to start with Patagonia, the brand that everyone knows for its sustainable and ethical standards. I own a sweater that is made of recycled bottles and made ethically in India. They are definitely not the cheapest but probably the most well-known.

Tip: The owner also co-founded 1% for the planet.

2. Outerknown

outerknown Affordable And Sustainable Clothing Brands
Image: Outerknown

For: Men & Women

Category: Outdoor & Sport

Value: Organic, Fair Trade, Recycled

From: USA, California, L.A.

Shipping: For all U.S. orders, they offer free standard shipping on orders over $100.
Free International Shipping on Orders over $200 USD.

Cost: $$$

If you like surfing, you heard about the brand Outerknown created by no other than Kelly Slater.

I am an ocean lover and avid kitesurfer/surfer, so I was already sold when I heard that he has a clothing line.

The best part is that they have really high standards for the Fair Labour Association and make it a full-loop business.
90% of the fibers they source are organic, recycled, or regenerated. Outerknown doesn’t stop there, and they have big plans for the future. Not cheap but very stylish and eco-conscious.

3. Tentree

tentree Affordable And Sustainable Clothing Brands
Image: Tentree

For: Men, Women & Kids

Category: Basics, Hats, Pants, Sweaters

Value: Organic, B corp, Give Back, Recycled

From: Vancouver, Canada

Shipping: Free in Canada over $85,

Cost: $$

If you have been following me on youtube, you most likely saw my Tentree Cap. I love it and have to say they are a great company. Tentree plants 10 trees for every item purchased, and you can even check out where your trees have been planted. Pretty cool, hey?

Made famous through Shark Tank, the TV show. So far, they have planted over 57 million trees, and the goal is to reach a billion by 2030.

Tentree is only sourcing the most eco-friendly materials, such as Tencel, organic cotton, hemp, and recycled polyester. They are also improving their packaging and aim for single-use free by 2023 and FSC approved paper.

4. Kotn

kotn Affordable And Sustainable Clothing Brands
Image: Kotn

For: Men, Women & Home

Category: Loungewear, basics, and bedding

Value: Organic, B corp, Give Back

From: Toronto, Canada

Shipping: Free shipping over $75

Cost: $$

Simple design that doesn’t go out of fashion. It also comes at a very affordable price tag.

Kotn is on a mission to change how things are made. Better for the people, better for the planet. Their products are made with the principles of considered design, relentless quality, honest value, and positive impact. I am yet to buy some of their clothes but I love the simplicity.

5. Boody Eco Wear

boodywear Affordable And Sustainable Clothing Brands
image: Boodywear

Buy Any 3, Get 15% Off. Buy Any 6, Get 20% Off. Mix and Match Styles, Colors, and Sizes. Shop now!

For: Men & Women

Category: Basics, Underwear, Pjs, Activewear

Value: Organic, Vegan, Give Back, 1% for the Planet

From: Sydney, Australia

Shipping: Worldwide, Free shipping over $49 CAD

Cost: $$

If you are on the market to get some new underwear or any other simple basics, Boody has a great eco-friendly selection for you.

I just got my wife and myself some new socks and undies, since they are in many eco-stores and you don’t have to buy them online.

Made from organically grown bamboo, Boody is an Australian clothing brand from Syndey that supports green and ethical things. We love the soft feel of bamboo on our bodies and can highly recommend them.

Beware, not all bamboo products are eco-friendly: Is Bamboo fabric sustainable?

6. Pact

pact Affordable And Sustainable Clothing Brands
Image: Wearpact

For: Men, Women & Baby

Category: Clothes from Socks to Sweaters
and even Bedding

Value: Fair Trade, Organic, Recycled, Give Back

From: USA

Shipping: International free over $100

Cost: $

Their mission is to build Earths’ Favorite clothing company. They only use organic cotton and fair trade certified factories to make sure everyone gets paid accordingly.

Pact is affordable and stylish. We love them. All of their clothing is sweatshop-free and child-labor-free. PACT is passionate about being part of a movement transforming the way apparel is made. They get a great rating on the goodonyou app.

Get 20% off with code ZWM20 on your first order.

7. Nau

nau Affordable And Sustainable Clothing Brands
Image: Nau

For: Men & Women

Category: Lifestyle, Outdoor, Accessories

Value: Organic, Recycled, Give Back

From: USA, Oregon

Shipping: Free shipping on all U.S. orders over $150.

Cost: $

Nau started with a simple question:


With that in mind, they created their own fabrics and made some really stylish-looking clothes that don’t break the bank.

Their garment-dyeing process uses less water, less energy, and fewer auxiliary chemicals.

8. Faherty

Affordable And Sustainable Clothing Brands

For: Men, Women & Kids

Category: Swimwear, Socks, Outerwear, Hats, and even Blankets

Value: Organic Cotton, ethically-sourced Cashmere, Recycled

From: USA

Shipping: Free Shipping over $95 and free returns.

Cost: $$$

Faherty is a family-run lifestyle and apparel brand with sustainability breathing through and through.

Not only do they make beautiful clothes but they are a 1%for the planet member and part of the surfrider foundation.

I could spend so much money there, and they ship to Canada if you spend over $270 for free.

9. Mud Jeans

Affordable And Sustainable Clothing Brands mud jeans
Image: Mudjeans

For: Men & Women

Category: Jeans

Value: Recycling, B corp, Fair Trade, Organic Coton

From: Netherlands

Shipping: Free in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and France. 45 euro rest of the world.

Cost: $

Mud jeans were founded by Bert von San in the Netherlands with the mission to reduce the toxic waste and the harsh work environment from making jeans and create a loop system that makes wonderful jeans and doesn’t hurt the planet.

10. Known Supply

Affordable And Sustainable Clothing Brands known supply
Image: Knownsupply

For: Men, Women & Kids

Category: Basics, Hats, Shirts, Longsleeves

Value: Jobs for Women in Need, B Corp, Organic,

From: USA

Shipping: Free over $75

Cost: $

The three inventors who started as the Krochet Kids founded Known Supply to help women in the third world create a decent living wage.
They are a certified B Corp, and We introduce you to the woman who made your apparel to bring people back to the forefront.

Each KNOWN SUPPLY product is accompanied by the signature of the person who made it.

11. Outland denim

Affordable And Sustainable Clothing Brands outland denim
Image: Outland Denim

For: Men & Women

Category: Jackets, Shirts, Jeans, and Shorts

Value: B corp, Sustainability report online, Give Back, Organic,

From: Australia

Shipping: Free Shipping over $150

Cost: $$

This company is building a future for women. Women who have been through human trafficking. On top of that, the brand is completely environmentally responsible in its practices; the two are inextricably connected.

Great rating from goodonyou.eco and if you are a jeans lover then these are your new Jeans

12. Conscious Step

Affordable And Sustainable Clothing Brands conscious step

For: Men & Women

Category: Socks

Value: Give Back 1% for the planet, Organic Cotton,

From: USA

Shipping: Free over $50

Cost: $$

Conscious Step makes some of the coolest looking Socks, in my opinion, and the best part is that every pair helps to donate money for a good cause.
Conscious Step uses sustainably sourced materials with the planet in mind.

Support the ocean and buy some socks. Perhaps you want to help with mental health; well, there are socks for that cause too.

13. Organic Basics

Affordable And Sustainable Clothing Brands organic basics
Image: Organic Basics

For: Men & Women

Category: Underwear, Socks, Tees, Tops, Shirts, and Accessories.

Value: Organic, Recycled, Vegan, Give Back

From: Denmark

Shipping: Worldwide

Cost: $$

They really stand for sustainability. If the factory doesn’t care about its impact on the planet, the guys from Organic Basics will not work with them.

Simple, timeless design with high-quality material makes this brand a no Brainer to shop at.
Organic Basics has even gone a step further and has made its website a low-impact website.
Check it out, and you’ll see what I mean.
Great and minimalist designed clothes.

14. Veja

veja shoes
Image: Veja

For: Men & Women and Kids

Category: Shoes

Value: Give Back, Organic Cotton, Fair Trade,


Free over $100

Cost: $

Veja is a stylish looking shoes with a good heart. The French brand designs ecological and fair trade footwear and is also a sustainable fashion pioneer. The brand uses eco-friendly materials, like GOTS-certified cotton and vegetable-tanned leather!

Veja pays its co-operative cotton growers and rubber tappers between 30% and 100% above the world market price. By not advertising, Veja can invest more money into strengthening its ethical practice. 

15. Brothers We Stand (UK)

brothers we stand
Image: Brotherswestand

For: Men

Category: From Jackets to Swimwear to Wallets

Value: Collection of the best sustainable brands on one platform.

From: UK

Shipping: Worldwide

Cost: $-$$$

Brothers We Stand is a retailer that pulls together some of the best ethical brands for men.
If you are in the UK, this is your one-stop-shop for Men’s clothes. You will find companies like Mud Jeans and EcoAlf.

16. The Classic Tshirt Company

the classic tshirt company
Image: The Classic Tshirt Company

For: Men & Women

Category: Everything T-shirt

Value: Organic Cotton, Fair Trade,

From: USA, California

Shipping: Free shipping

Cost: $$$

Guess what? They make t-shirts. Yep, hand-made t-shirts in California.

The Classic T-Shirt Company is a brand that creates premium tees and ethical t-shirts with luxury and integrity. All of their products are GOTS certified organic cotton, and it does not use any animal products.

17. Toad & Co

Affordable And Sustainable Clothing Brands toad and co
Image: Toad & Co

For: Men & Women

Category: Shirts, Sweaters, Jackets and Underwear

Value: Organic Cotton, Hemp, Tencel Recycled, Vegan

From: USA, California

Shipping: Free shipping over USD 100

Cost: $$

We love Toad & Co. They follow sustainable practices and support good causes. They are a 1% member of the planet and just make stylish eco-friendly clothes. What’s not to like?

The most asked question about sustainable and men’s ethical clothing brands.

By far, the most asked question is: Why are sustainable clothes so expensive?

For one, the material used in the garments is of higher quality than the fast fashion industry uses.

Cheap clothes = cheap materials = no living wages = fast fashion

Often natural materials or organic materials take more effort to grow and require more labor for the farmers.
Additionally, ethical brands pay fair living wages to the artists and employees along the production chain.

This all adds up and puts a bigger price tag on your clothes. But what I really like about sustainable fashion companies is that the clothes they make last for a long time.

Personally, I am not a big fan of shopping for clothes. When I find something that I like, I am usually going back to the same brand. This is why I have created this list of the best affordable and sustainable clothing brands for men.

But be aware of greenwashing. Yes, even in the fashion industry, some companies use the current zero waste and ethical fashion trend to profit from. H&M is a great example of such practices.
While H$M uses eco-friendly materials for a line here and there at an affordable price, their business models are not sustainable.

Let’s go and do some ethical shopping

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries worldwide. Fast fashion has been created to make you think that you always need to look like those models, and if you don’t, you aren’t excepted by society. This belief has created immense stress on kids and adults alike, especially females.
Fast fashion doesn’t support ethical standards from the supply chain to the high quality you would like to see in your clothes. It is quite the opposite.

So where ever you put your dollar can make a difference, from helping the people that make your clothes get paid fair wages to supporting social enterprises that care.

I hope you will find this list useful and can make better decisions for your sustainable wardrobe. Don’t worry. You don’t need to go out and buy everything on this list, and not all your clothes need to be made from recycled plast8c bottles, but start small and see which designs and brands align best with your look and feel.

I still go shopping…

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You did it! Welcome to the Zerowasteman community. Towards a healthy prosperous future.


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