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Cast-iron Pan | The zero waste way

Written by: Hendrik

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When I was having dinner yesterday, I was talking to my friends about frying pans.

Diy cast iron pan socks upcycled gloves


“Fascinating dinner conversation you must be thinking,” anyway. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about pans, nonstick pans, Teflon pans, pans from space and hip hop pants, oh, and cast iron pans!

I came across an article that basically said: “All nonstick pans are dangerous to our health.”

Ugh, I did not know that! So, it got me thinking; when I looked into our cupboard, I know we’ve been using a nonstick Teflon pan for quite a while. But I also noticed that she wasn’t looking too happy anymore. I could hear that voice in my head saying: “Don’t use a Teflon pan that has been scratched.” Well, ours was a goner.

After doing some research, I quickly realized that, okay, I’m on the right track here. I shouldn’t be using any nonstick products because all of them have some toxins in them.

Companies labeled it wrong; they would say, ‘it doesn’t have Teflon in it, so it is good to use.’ Sadly that’s what it comes down to. Don’t use nonstick pans. So the question I had was:

Which pan should I use in my kitchen?

When I opened our cupboard, I spotted some 20-year-old cast iron pan in the back. I pull them out, and they’re just fine. Sure they needed to be cleaned, but that was it.

We are ready to start cooking.

These things are made to last forever; I love them. I actually really enjoy cooking in them.

Then I open another drawer, and we have these cooking gloves, so you don’t burn your fingers. Heck, I don’t know what to call them. We have probably five Gloves in there. I noticed earlier when I was using one trying to pull a cake out of the oven and almost burnt my hand because it has a big hole.


I looked at it and thought to myself, what can I turn you little puppies into and give you a second life? I thought, “Okay, what can I do with this?” Since the pan is made out of one big piece of metal, the handle can get very hot.

Yeah, you will find some of them that have a wooden handle. Ours didn’t have one, and so I thought to myself, okay: “I’m going to use this glove, cut it into pieces, and turn it into some handle socks for a cast iron pan.

I have insulated cast iron pan socks. ?

You can buy them but why, if all it takes is a little creativity and some time.

Cast Iron Pan Socks

There you have it; I just wanted to show you guys another idea for reusing things #5rs #reuse. And on that note, I leave you to some happy cooking.

To be sure to be sure:

Site note on the chemicals to avoid in non-stick pans: PFOA, PFOS, PFCs, PFAS, C8, etc.

The items you use to cook your food often have as great of an impact on your health as the food you cook and eat. The chemicals within a nonstick pan can often be detected within foods cooked, so it’s important to take your cookware seriously. Even if you’re a nonstick pan lover, consider some safer options like cast iron, glass, or stainless steel and just invest in some cooking oils to save you cleaning time later. The amount of health risks that nonstick pans present is high, so isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? ~ healthy-holistic-living

Here are some extra bonuses that I only just discovered about cast iron pans. I didn’t even know you need to put them in the oven???

Well, you live and learn, and perhaps you also learn something new, unless you are one of the 8.8million viewers of this video.

How To Cook With Cast Iron

So there you have it. If you are taking your health seriously, you should get a cast iron pan. If you already have one, pull it out, give it a good clean, and happy cooking.

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