Food Saving Apps

Food Saving Apps

I don’t like wasting food. Often I am the one sacrificing myself to eat the leftovers, simply because I don’t want them to go to waste. My mom always said there are kids in the third world that have way less food, so finish your dinner. Somehow that got stuck.

On my fight against food waste, I have come across a couple of pretty useful apps.

Did you know that over ⅓ of all food produced globally goes to waste

I was shocked when I first read this statistic, but thankfully, with the age of technology, several green apps can help us stay on top of things.

Since most of us have a smartphone in our pockets, it only makes sense to use technology to help reduce food waste with apps.

I did notice, though, that, according to your location, some might work well, and others won’t work at all. Since I am currently in the French part of Canada, I have noticed that a lot of them don’t work. These green apps are mostly location dependent.

So to give you a more bias opinion, I went ahead and read the reviews from customers and added them up. Using them and put it all together for you, so you can make an easy decision whether or not you want to download the app. However, these green apps are all free to download, so no harm done here.


1. Olio

Join the food sharing revolution


It’s a way to connect with the people in your area to share the surplus of food and also non-food items. Business and private people can simply add items by snapping a picture to the app and make surrounding neighbors aware of the surplus.

It started as a pilot scheme in North London and is now worldwide available. I did notice that there is not much going on in Quebec City. If you want to become an ambassador and help spread the word, you can apply here.

  • Get free food for yourself or your family
  • Declutter your home and cupboards
  • Make a positive contribution to your local community
  • Meet and make friends with your neighbors
  • Prevent food waste and hunger

The Olio Team has the goal to reach 1 billion Olioers in 10 years

What people are saying:

Love this concept so much and got to share some good food with the community! However, the user experience can be janky and buggy.

Easy to use app and great platform for sharing items. Only downside is that messages aren’t always being alerted and I have to manually check which gets annoying because sometimes I end up missing messages for the whole day. Apart from that it is also very lag. Messages sent will only be received many minutes later. Items aren’t categorised which makes the search an endless scroll. Other than that I did enjoy using it as most users are also nice and friendly.

A big thumbs up to the super friendly Olio team for a great service delivered through this app! It’s so quick and easy to post an item, that you can’t really say you didn’t have time! I find it very useful before sharing, to be able to read someone’s profile and rating level. The forum within the app is great too for geting ideas and generally having a chin-wag with like-minded people! Sharing stuff makes me feel I’m doing my bit for the planet! No more land-fill!

Rating: 4 out of 5

2. Seafoodwatch

It’s easier than ever to get the latest recommendations for seafood and sushi, learn more about the seafood you eat, and locate or share businesses that serve sustainable seafood.

green app

Would you lite to eat seafood, but you are not sure whether it is sustainable or not? This green app will let you know. Find restaurants near you that serve ocean-friendly seafood.

  • Get up to date seafood recommendations, how it has been fished.
  • Installs to your device’s SD card
  • Get free, up-to-date seafood recommendations
  • Search for seafood quickly and easily by common market name
  • Search for sushi by Japanese name as well as the common market name
  • Locate restaurants and stores that serve ocean-friendly seafood
  • Access in-depth conservation notes

Although I am vegan now, I used to love fish and so it only made sense for me to involve this app here.

What people are saying:

Excellent idea, but it needs more support.

Awesome! information on the go, a must for any seafood eater

Rating: 3 out of 5

3. Howgood

The world’s largest product sustainability database.


If you want to know if your food is sustainable, wholesome, and honest, then you should get this app.

Defining sustainability with data.

HowGood helps you find foods you can feel good about with simple ratings backed by extensive research. Search or scan product barcodes to quickly access the HowGood database of over 200,000 food product ratings.

  • 350 + PARTNERS
  • find which items are environmentally friendly
  • minimally processed
  • ethically produced

What people are saying:

I really like the idea of this app, and I have learned about some new ethical brands, but the search engine (namely the refinement filters) needs a ton of work!

good database of sustainable practice companies. i wish each product had a photo so it could be recognizable for the store

The bar code scanning for this app works better than most I’ve tried, and it finds a good number of products I look up. I’m still disappointed I can’t move it to the SD card, though. I may have to uninstall it only for this reason

Rating: 4 out of 5

4. Fridgely

Food Expiration Date Tracker


The average family wastes %25 of food per year, that’s $1400. This app is designed to let you know when your food expires. Quickly find recipes on the food that you already have in your fridge. Create a shopping list of the food that you finished using.

  • Stop wasting food
  • Share your food
  • sync between devices
  • organize your food
  • quickly find recipes
  • scan barcode

What people are saying:

The Holy Grail for Kitchen Inventory, expire Dates and Shopping Lists and very helpful for emergency prepping

If you are managing things in your fridge, and the only one linked to a space, it works great. When I added a second person to the account, everything loaded as expected. Person three loaded without any item data, just photos. Person 3’s edits show to the other two, but not back to theirs. There isn’t anywhere to go for tech support right now, so that is a little troublesome. Otherwise, very nice app. It’s guessed dates okay so far, nothing a little double checking can’t fix. Scanning a Receipt turned out a little weird, love the idea though. Being able to take photos is nice. Can’t add in new bar codes. Wish I had a way to split a “stack” of the same item for easy space transfer. Not for someone who isn’t willing to do a little work in maintaining their space. I’m keeping it, as I really enjoy it. With a few tweaks and some more updates it has potential to be an amazing app. But as it stands now, I would not recommended for the “quick fix” type people.

It’s a nice app for being able to catalog you’re kitchen how you want it and with what types of categories you want things in. The data can all be modified (name, expiration date…) and you can organize by name or expiration date. It also doubles as a shopping list. Downsides: the barcode scanner doesn’t work on small barcodes (think your small jars of spices) and their library isn’t that vast and sometimes doesn’t register common brands (like Pepsi or Kraft). The recipe generator also isn’t that great, so don’t rely on it to come up with a dinner idea for you.

Rating: 4 out of 5

only available on iPhone

5. Best Before Food Tracker

Manage Your Food

best-before-food-tracker Manage your food with Best Before – Food Tracker.
Add products, consume them or throw them away. Different categories and locations to classify products.
Track opened products and those close to the expiry date. You will remember what is stored in the fridge.
Save money, no more food wasting!
  • Add products, consume them or throw them away
  •  Easy to add products with auto-completion.
  • Add images to products by taking a picture or choosing an image from your gallery.
  • The app remembers products that you’ve previously entered.
  • A lot of product suggestions.
  • Product management by category and storage location
  • Customization of categories, locations, units.
  • Notifications to remind you to eat products before the expiry date or after opening.

What people are saying:

The reason I keep coming back to Best Before is speed of entry. I’ve tried lots of different apps with better interfaces, more features, etc. but they were all too cumbersome to use and I was too lazy to keep using them. Best Before has custom categories, locations and units, the ability to “open” (partially consume) products, and a super quick template-based entry mechanism that makes it quick and easy to add products after shopping and remove as I use or consume them.

I’ve just started to use this app and it’s going well so far. My main issues are around how you select the best before date, it would be much easier to hit the calendar icon and then month, so you get a pop up calendar to select your date from. When you’re recording consumption, it would be much easier to say you’d used half, 2/3rds, etc, or be able to overwrite the quantity instead of scrolling. It would also be very useful to record multiples of items.

Great app for keeping up with what’s in your pantry, fridge, freezer, and more. It lets you know when food is about to expire and when food that has been open is going bad. You have to manually type in each item. For this, I gave it a 4 star. It really needs a scan feature to make adding items much faster.

Rating: 4 out of 5

6. Sharewaste

Find a compost in your area and share your food scraps.


The app is designed to connect you with the people in your neighborhood that wish to recycle their kitchen scraps. Now you can divert waste from landfills while getting to know the people around you!

  • be a host
  • sign up if you have chickens or a worm farm and want more food scraps
  • geotag so the donor can easily find you and connect with you
  • be a donor

What they are saying:

The easiest way to recycle organic waste. ShareWaste connects people from apartment units with their neighbours who are composting, have a worm farm or chooks. Hosts get more compost for their garden, donors save their scraps from landfill.

Join over 1700 community members who are already composting with ShareWaste. Give your scraps a second chance!

What people are saying:

When I start typing a message to a host the keyboard action comes over the words I’m typing so I literally can’t see what I’m typing or if it’s spelt right. So I can’t really use it but I really want to use this system. Please check it and maybe update.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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  1. Hi Hendrik, this article is very useful! It does make sense that in today’s world full of technology that we could use it to reduce food waste! I absolutely hate wasting food and look forward to seeing if some of these apps might help. The Olio app in particular seems like a really good option for communities to share and help reduce food waste!

    Very helpful article!


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