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See How We Can Save You Money By Going Zero Waste.

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Trash Audit – learn where your waste comes from.

Project Implementation – discuss viable solutions that suit your needs.

Zero Waste Journey – start your journey with guided help.

Workshops – get everyone involved and achieve more together.

Speaking Gigs – hire the ZeroWasteMan to speak at your business.

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Zero Waste Assessment

The first step to becoming zero waste is knowing what waste is actually being created. This can be done via Zoom or in person, depending on your preferences.

Zero Waste Material Deflection

Our experts will custom create a specific solution for your home or business to save you money and become zero waste. Yes, it is possible to do it together.

Zero Waste Certificate

This is where the fun begins. We are committed to guiding you all the way until you have reached your zero waste goals. It takes commitment and everyone to join in. We are here for you until you are happy with your zero waste goal.

What are the benefits?

Add Value To Your Business

  • Become a B-Corp and show your commitment to a better future.
  • Get a TRUE Zero Waste Certificate.
  • Increase transparency of business practices.
  • Brand your business Green.

Save Money and Energy

  • Use high-quality products that last a lifetime.
  • Conserves resources and minimizes pollution.
  • Save the cost of waste management.

Create a Circular Economy

  • Become part of something bigger than your business and help create an economy that strives for a better future.

Positive Workspace

  • Greater motivation among employees who take pride in working for a socially progressive company.

Who We Are

We are the zerowastemen on a mission to reduce the carbon footprint we leave behind with every action we take.
Hendrik is the founder of ZeroWasteMan. He has lived on a permaculture farm in the Australian sub-tropics for 3 years, growing food and building eco-homes. He worked in the construction industry for many years and has seen the waste created first hand.

As a passionate Kitesurfer, he traveled around South East Asia, where the results of our wasteful lifestyle are hard to overlook. He had to do something about the plastic pollution we are all part of.

For the last three years, he has been blogging about living a zero-waste lifestyle and what actions and steps the individual can take to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
Today he is taking this step further and helps businesses big and small reduce their waste and become more environmentally friendly.

What are you waiting for? Become empowered and improve your business/home.
Book a Free Consultation with us today!

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