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The Ocean CleanUp Project takes on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch




Today, the second of October is a big day for the Ocean CleanUp Project.

If you have never heard about the Ocean CleanUp Project and want to understand how it works, go here.

Today is another milestone day for the ocean clean upproject. Since its first release into the great pacific garbage patch in October last 2018, it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

The big U-shaped sausage wasn’t moving fast enough to keep the collected rubbish in its fangs. After some new adjustments and a smaller new system, it is now officially collecting floating plastic debris in the Pacific garbage patch.

“Today we announce that our cleaning system in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has been catching plastic for the first time,” Boyan Slat, the 25-year-old Dutch CEO and founder of The Ocean CleanUp, told a press conference in Rotterdam.

The idea was born seven years ago when a young Boyan Slat went diving in Greece. What he was hoping for was colorful fish, but instead, he found colorful plastics.

Since then, the idea of the ocean cleanup project was born. In the last year, there have been lots of adjustments made to his system 001. From adding a parachute to slow the system down to changing the size and adding floaters.

The nonprofit is hoping to clean the oceans up by as much as 50% in 5 years. And we all hope that they are going to be successful. Although it will not collect microplastic since that is too small to be caught with a big floater.

However, Boyan speaks about collecting microplastic. (The definition for microplastic is 5mm – 0.5nm, so perhaps they are picking some of the 5mm stuff up).

The aim is then to haul the plastic waste back to the land where it can be sorted and turned into new products again.

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