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15 Of The best zero waste blogs to read in 2023

Written by: Hendrik

Category: Zero Waste, News


If you want to take the deep plunge into the zero-waste lifestyle, nothing should stop you from diving into the biggest and best zero-waste blogs of 2023.

This list is designed to give you all my favorite influencers or zero waste bloggers of the internet.

These blogs are valuable for individuals looking to reduce their waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

From creating a zero waste bathroom to selecting ethical fashion or going and DIYing your own zero waste deodorant, there is something for everyone.

Definition of zero waste:

Zero waste, my friends, is like a game of Jenga, but instead of pulling out blocks, we’re stacking up sustainable choices and saying goodbye to single-use products.

It’s not about being perfect because, let’s face it, sometimes that avocado won’t cooperate, but it’s about constantly striving to do better and make small changes that make a big impact on the planet.

And let’s be real, no one likes a game of Jenga where the whole tower collapses, so let’s work together to ensure that doesn’t happen to Mother Nature.

The importance of reducing waste in the environment.

Reducing waste in the environment is crucial for the survival of our planet. Not only does it help to preserve natural resources, but it also helps to decrease pollution and protect wildlife.

By adopting a zero-waste lifestyle, we can significantly impact the amount of waste sent to landfills and, ultimately, reduce our carbon footprint. Every little action can make a difference, from switching to reusable bags and containers to properly recycling and composting.

It’s time to take responsibility for the waste we produce and make a conscious effort to reduce it. Join the zero waste movement, and together, let’s work towards a cleaner, greener future for our planet!

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me an my girls 1


The Zerowasteman blog is a go-to resource for those looking to reduce their waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle. I run the blog, Hendrik Kaiser, an individual passionate about the zero waste movement and dedicated to sharing my knowledge and experiences with others.

The blog covers many topics, from simple swaps to make your daily routine more sustainable to in-depth composting and zero-waste living guides. It also features personal stories and testimonials, providing a relatable and authentic voice. With practical advice and actionable tips, the Zerowasteman blog empowers readers to make small changes that add to a significant environmental impact.

Who wouldn’t want to do some shameless self-promotion? Yes, I started my zero waste journey in 2017 when I couldn’t get my focus off all the trash on the side of a nature reserve, and I started picking it up while running, which turns out to be called ‘plogging.’ This was only the beginning of an ongoing attempt to waste-free living.

Now I am the main guy behind zerowasteman and hope to reach a broad audience of like-minded people who want to better their health by avoiding some plastics in their life. But I also want to open the doors to more men in the field.

When you go on youtube, most people talking about going zero waste are women, and I am here to change that. So follow along with my channel.

zero waste blog


I think everyone who has looked into sustainable living has come across the beautiful design website of Treehugger. With 3 million monthly clicks, this website stands out for authority in the sustainability niche.

Treehugger was founded by Graham Hill in 2004 and has since become a go-to place for many to learn how to make more environmentally friendly decisions. Whether wondering which washing machine to buy or which make-up is the most eco-friendly and natural for your skin. You are going to find an answer here.

The blog also covers climate change, wildlife conservation, and environmental policy issues. The content is written in an engaging and informative style and aims to educate and inspire readers to take action to protect the planet. Overall, Treehugger is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about how to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

going zero waste

Going Zero Waste

This blog is run by Kathryn Kellogg, who has been on her zero-waste journey since 2008. She shares tips and tricks on reducing waste in every aspect of life, from food and fashion to travel and personal care.

The blog includes various content, such as personal anecdotes, product reviews, DIY tutorials, and information on the environmental impact of consumer choices. Going Zero Waste empowers readers to make conscious decisions that will benefit their lives and the planet.

The blog also provides a supportive community for those on their zero-waste journey and encourages readers to share their experiences and tips. It’s an excellent place for those looking to live more sustainably and reduce their environmental footprint.

almost zero waste

Almost Zero Waste

Almost Zero Waste is a blog about, well, you guessed it, almost being zero waste. If you’ve started your zero-waste journey, you probably know how hard it can be. Zero waste is a misleading term since we can never be 100% waste-free.

Founded by Merilin, her goal is to share simple tips and tricks for reducing waste and living a more sustainable life. She aims to be as straightforward as possible and set an example for herself. The blog offers a free e-book and a “Good News Monday” newsletter that shares inspiring stories and news about positive environmental initiatives worldwide.

In addition to her blog posts, Merilin also shares delicious zero waste recipes on her website. From no-bake cookies to vegan potato stew, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to check it out and get inspired to reduce your waste while still enjoying delicious meals!

sustainable jungle

Sustainable Jungle

Sustainable Jungle’s website aims to educate and inspire individuals to live more sustainably. They cover many topics, including zero-waste living, eco-friendly travel, sustainable fashion, and green beauty. They provide practical tips and advice for reducing one’s environmental impact and reviews of sustainable products and companies.

The website also features personal stories and interviews with individuals who have made significant changes to live more sustainably through the podcast. Overall, Sustainable Jungle is a valuable resource for anyone looking to impact the environment and live a more fulfilling life positively.

With over 300k monthly viewers, you can be sure that they’re doing something right! Not only do they provide a lot of value to their users, but they’ve also committed to donating 1% of their yearly income to the planet.

This is something I’m planning to do with my own business soon. Giving back to the community is a great way to make a positive impact and do even more good with your business.

sustainably chic

Sustainably Chic

Natalie, the founder of Sustainably Chic, passionately advocates sustainable fashion. She understands that the fashion industry significantly impacts the environment and wants to change that by promoting ethical and sustainable consumption.

Her blog provides a wealth of information about sustainable fashion, including eco-friendly clothing brands, ethical manufacturing processes, and tips for building a sustainable wardrobe. She also shares her personal style and outfit ideas to show that sustainable fashion can be stylish and fun.

In addition to her work in sustainable fashion, Natalie has expanded her content to include kids-related content, emphasizing sustainable living practices and parenting tips. Her commitment to sustainability and ethical consumption is truly inspiring and serves as an excellent resource for anyone looking to make more sustainable choices in their fashion and lifestyle.

trash is for tossers

Trash is for Tosser’s

Trash is for Tossers is a popular zero-waste blog that educates and inspires individuals to reduce waste and live more sustainably. The blog is run by Lauren Singer, who gained fame for fitting all the trash she has created in the past four years into a single mason jar.

The website offers a wide range of resources, including guides on reducing waste in various areas of life, such as skin care, spring cleaning, and food. Additionally, there are a variety of tips and tricks for living a zero-waste lifestyle, as well as a shop offering sustainable products.

The blog’s goal is to empower people to make more environmentally conscious choices in their everyday life and reduce the amount of waste they produce.

Trash is for Tossers was one of the first blogs I discovered on my zero-waste journey. Lauren Singer, the founder behind the website and her brick-and-mortar shop in New York, Packagefree Shop, has made a name for herself through a viral YouTube video where she managed to put four years of trash into a glass jar.

Her shop is a one-stop-shop for everything zero-waste, and she has become a leading voice in the sustainable living movement, inspiring many to make changes in their lives for the good of the planet.

Although her blog seems to be a bit dormant these days, you can still find good tips about meal prep, waste-free living and more.

tiny yellow bungallow

Tiny Yellow Bungalow is a zero-waste blog and online store founded by Jessie. The blog features a variety of topics related to zero-waste living, such as sustainable fashion, DIY projects, and reducing plastic waste.

With a focus on environmentalism and social justice, Jessie shares her experiences and tips on living a more sustainable lifestyle. The online store offers a range of eco-friendly products, including reusable straws, tote bags, and home goods. is an excellent resource for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the environment and reduce waste. Jessie’s goal was to create a one-stop-shop that makes it easy for people to purchase eco-friendly products and do their part for the future generations and planet.

treading my own path

Treading my own path

Treading my own path is a zero waste blog founded by Lindsay Miles, an author, speaker, and waste reduction advocate. The blog focuses on sustainable living, zero waste lifestyle, minimalism, and plastic-free alternatives. Lindsay shares her journey towards a zero waste life and-free life, offering practical tips and insights for readers to reduce waste and live sustainably.

Treading my path also guides decluttering, mindfulness, and sustainable travel.

Lindsay inspires individuals and communities through her blog and books to walk their path toward a more sustainable and fulfilling life. Treading my own path is an excellent resource for anyone looking to reduce their waste and positively impact the planet.

less plastic

Less Plastic

Less Plastic is a UK-based zero waste blog and initiative founded by Amanda Keetley, a sustainability advocate and environmentalist. The blog offers a range of informative content on reducing plastic waste, such as sustainable packaging, plastic-free living, and recycling.

Less Plastic also features inspiring stories from individuals and businesses successfully implementing plastic-free solutions. The initiative aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste in and around the world by providing resources, advocacy, and education.

Less Plastic offers practical advice and solutions for individuals, businesses, and communities to reduce their plastic footprint and create a more sustainable future.

plastic coalation

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance of individuals, organizations, and businesses working towards a world free of plastic pollution. The organization advocates for sustainable policies and practices, educate the public about plastic pollution’s impact and supports plastic-free initiatives.

The Plastic Pollution Coalition website features informative content on plastic pollution, including the latest research, news, and solutions. The organization also offers a range of resources, such as toolkits, guides, and videos, to help individuals and communities take action against plastic pollution.

Plastic Pollution Coalition is committed to creating a more sustainable future by reducing plastic waste entering our oceans, communities, and environment.

You can join the guys on their mission to reduce plastic waste and become a member os plastic pollution coalition.

zer0 waste chef

Zero Waste Chef

Zero Waste Chef is a zero waste cooking blog founded by Anne-Marie Bonneau, a mother and home cook. The blog offers a range of content on reducing food waste, such as recipes, tips for shopping and cooking sustainably, and ways to repurpose kitchen scraps.

Zero Waste Chef emphasizes the importance of buying locally and seasonally, composting, and reducing single-use plastic in the kitchen. Zero Waste Chef is an excellent resource for reducing food waste and living more sustainably in the kitchen. Anne-Marie’s inspiring stories and practical tips can help anyone to create delicious meals and reduce their environmental impact.

zero waste home

Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home is a top zero waste community and blog founded by Bea Johnson, a sustainability advocate and author of the book “Zero Waste Home.” The blog focuses on the principles of the zero waste lifestyle, including the 5 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot.

Bea shares her family’s journey towards a zero-waste lifestyle, offering practical tips and inspiration for readers to reduce waste and live more sustainably. Zero Waste Home covers many topics, including sustainable fashion, zero-waste travel, and eco-friendly home cleaning.

The blog also provides resources and support for individuals and communities to transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Through her blog, books, and speaking engagements, Bea Johnson has inspired millions worldwide to reduce waste and positively impact the environment.

wasteland rebel

Wasteland Rebel

Wasteland Rebel is a zero-waste blog founded by Shia Su. The blog is written in German and English; from. what I can tell, it hasn’t been updated in a while. Shia writes in a fun and easy-to-understand way to bring you solutions and tips for all things zero waste.

The blog focuses on practical and accessible solutions for living a zero-waste lifestyle. Wasteland Rebel covers various topics, including zero-waste mom tips, no-waste beauty, eco-friendly travel, and sustainable fashion. Shia shares her journey towards a zero-waste lifestyle, offering tips and inspiration for readers to reduce waste and live more sustainably.

eco warrior princess

Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Warrior Princess is a zero waste lifestyle blog founded by environmental activist, writer and certified organic farm owner Jennifer Nini. The blog covers a wide range of topics related to sustainability, including ethical fashion, eco-friendly travel, and zero-waste living.

Eco Warrior Princess is committed to promoting eco-consciousness and inspiring positive change in the world. The blog features informative content on environmental issues and interviews with leading experts and activists in the sustainability field. She offers practical tips and resources for individuals and businesses to reduce their environmental impact and make a positive difference.

With engaging and thought-provoking content, EWP is an excellent resource for anyone looking to live a more sustainable life and contribute to a better world.

reusable nation

Reusable Nation

Reusable Nation is a zero waste blog founded by Vicky and David, who live in Melbourne, Australia. A place I also called home for six years. The blog focuses on sustainable living and reducing waste through reusable products. Reusable Nation offers a variety of content on zero-waste and green living everywhere, such as product reviews, DIY projects, and practical tips for reducing waste. They have an interactive map of Australia for plastic-free shopping, which is really handy.

The blog also features informative content on environmental issues, such as plastic pollution and climate change. Reusable Nation is committed to making sustainable living accessible and affordable for all. The blog offers a range of resources, such as guides, tutorials, and e-books, to help individuals transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

low impact love

Low Impact Love

Low Impact Love is a zero waste blog that aims to help readers find joy in sustainable living. The site’s owner Chelsea shares her personal journey towards adopting greener habits and offers practical tips and ideas to help others reduce their environmental impact.

Whether you’re a passionate home cook looking to cut back on meat or just starting to learn about recycling, Low Impact Love welcomes readers wherever they are on their sustainability journey.

The blog covers a range of topics, including living, clean eating,, spending, zero waste, and sustainable products. With a focus on forming new habits connected to personal values, Low Impact Love encourages readers to take small steps towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

eco collective

Eco Collective

Eco Collective is a prime example of a brand that’s leading the way in sustainable living. Started as a farmer’s market stand, the founder’s passion for minimalism and zero waste living is evident in everything they create. Now they have an online store where you find zero waste deodorant and beauty products.

From their earth-friendly health and beauty products to their homemade food from their backyard, Eco Collective is taking small steps towards a better future. Their commitment to composting and raising chickens showcases their dedication to a circular economy.

With a focus on mindfulness and slow living, Eco Collective proves that sustainability can be fun and accessible to everyone. As someone on a mission to reduce waste, I applaud Eco Collective’s efforts and am excited to see them inspire more people to join the zero waste movement.

moral fibers

Moral Fibres

Moral Fibres is a UK-based blog that offers practical tips and insights on sustainable living. Founded by Wendy Graham in 2013, Moral Fibres covers a wide range of topics, from eco-friendly home cleaning and ethical fashion to plant-based recipes and green travel.

The blog’s aim is to show readers that making sustainable choices doesn’t have to be daunting or expensive, and that small changes can make a big difference. With its engaging writing style and well-researched content, Moral Fibres is a must-read for anyone looking to reduce their environmental footprint and live more sustainably.

greenify me

Greenify Me is a zero waste blog with fantastic resources for anyone looking to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Ariana has a passion for eco-friendly living and shares a wealth of knowledge and resources on all things green.

From DIY recipes for natural cleaning products to tips for reducing waste, has got you. The founder’s dedication to a zero waste lifestyle is evident in her easy-to-follow guides and using reusable products. Her passion for eco-friendly living is contagious, and her message of sustainability is delivered in a fun, accessible way.

The benefits of reading zero waste blogs.

  • Learn about the zero-waste lifestyle.

  • Discover new tips and tricks for reducing waste

  • Connect with a community of like-minded individuals

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest sustainable trends and products


I am happy to say that there are a ton of great zero waste bloggers out there who inspire us to join the zero waste movement and make a positive impact on the planet.

Seeing so many talented and passionate bloggers dedicated to educating and empowering people on sustainability is heartening.

From zero waste lifestyle tips to sustainable fashion and green living, these bloggers cover a range of important topics for our planet’s future. By sharing their knowledge and expertise, they help us all make more informed and conscious choices that benefit the environment.

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I've studied biology and lived for 3 years on an off-grid permaculture farm. I love kitesurfing and keeping my body healthy and fit. Hence, I care so much about keeping our environment clean and being as zero waste as possible. Being a zerowasteman is a superpower everyone has inside of themselves, and I want to teach you how you can unleash it.

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